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WWF WrestleMania XIV

Live from Boston, MA

Airdate: March 29, 1998

Attendance: 19,028 (15,681 paid, sold out)

Hosted by Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Can Austin win the big one and become THE MAN in the WWF? Will Shamrock gain revenge against the Rock? How will Undertaker fare against his brother Kane? What will the NAO have to do to maintain their titles? Let’s find out!

Match 1 (tag team battle royal):


Disciples of Apocalypse, Godwinns, Headbangers, Los Boricuas, Midnight Express, Nation of Domination, Quebecers, Rock’n’Roll Express, Too Cool, Truth Commission, & ????


Rating: NONE

Summary: Since LOD2000 was the only team that the Boston faithful gave a shit about, they won.

We then head to the DX Public Workout last Thursday when DX humiliated Austin. On Friday, Austin appeared on Live with Regis & Kathy Lee. Flash Funk was on New England Cable Access on Saturday, and Sable signed autographs at Champions on Saturday night. Hopefully, the WWF Superstars ate plenty of chowda.

Match 2 for the WWF Light Heavyweight title: Taka Michinoku (champion) versus Aguila


Rating: *½

Summary: Nobody in the Fleet Center gave a shit how many high-flying spots these guys performed. Nonetheless, if the WWF needs its light heavyweight division, then they need to insert Brian Christopher to bring heat to it.

Earlier today, Gennifer Flowers interviewed the Rock. While the Rock spoke in the third person, his charisma and confidence are in full swing.

Prior to the next match, we revisit RAW from two weeks ago when Chyna WHACKED Owen on his injured ankle to cost him the European title.

Connecticut Yankee plays the DX theme song LIVE as HHH makes his entrance.

Match 3 for the WWF European title: HHH (w/ Chyna) versus Owen Hart (w/ Commissioner Slaughter)


Rating: ***

Summary: Despite Slaughter’s involvement, Chyna was able to use shenanigans to help HHH retain the title. Poor Owen.

After the match, Chyna manhandles White to unlock the handcuffs and CLOCKS Slaughter. She then sends him reeling into the steel railing and the front row.

Prior to the next match, we revisit the troubled relationship between Mero and Sable. Mero aligned himself with Goldust, but Luna wanted to destroy Sable. As Sable fought back, Goldust, to separate her from Luna, restrained her. Mero took exception, and a battle ensued.

Match 4 (mixed tag): “Marvelous” Marc Mero & Sable versus TAFKA Goldust & Luna


Rating: **½

Summary: Entertaining match as Sable held her own magnificently.

After the match, Mero raises Sable’s arm in victory.

In the ring, Tennessee Lee introduces “Double J” Jeff Jarrett and Gennifer Flowers. Jarrett wonders if Flowers thinks he’s “great,” and Flowers doesn’t disappoint. Next, she performs the ring introductions for the upcoming match.

We then revisit one of the most devastating chair shots in wrestling history from two weeks ago.

Match 5 for the WWF Intercontinental title: The Rock (champion w/ the Nation of Domination) versus Ken Shamrock


Rating: **

Summary: All high-impact and a great way to elevate Shamrock.

After the match, D’Lo Brown jumps into the ring but eats a belly-to-belly suplex. Kama follows yet receives one as well. Shamrock returns to punish Rock with another ankle lock, but Mark Henry interrupts. As Rock slithers out of the ring, Shamrock locks another belly-to-belly to Henry. He grabs Rock by the ankle, pulls him back to the center of the ring, and applies a third ankle lock.

While Faarooq storms the ring, he hesitates when he sees Rock in peril. HA! He then leaves knowing Rock is getting his just due. More officials arrive to calm the situation, but Shamrock belly-to-belly suplexes them too. While a crazed Shamrock tries to decide his next move, Rock lies in pain with a bloody mouth.

EMTs arrive to place Rock on a stretcher, and ring announcer Howard Finkel declares that Rock won by reverse decision. As Shamrock’s rage continues, he bolts to the aisle to dump Rock from the stretcher. He slams Rock on the bandstand and holds the belt overhead to a HUGE ovation. Add * for the post-match antics.

WWF Attitude promo airs.

Prior to the next match, we revisit RAW when the NAO dumped Charlie and Cactus over the edge of the platform while in a dumpster.

Match 6 for the WWF tag team titles (dumpster): The New Age Outlaws (champions) versus Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie


Rating: **

Summary: A hardcore match with a stipulation that led to one good spot and a unique finish.

Prior to the next match, we revisit the story of Undertaker and his not-so-little brother.

Baseball legend Pete Rose comes to the ring to be the guest ring announcer. To warm up the crowd, Rose, showing his Cincinnati Reds roots, runs down the Red Sox fans in attendance. He name-drops Bucky Dent and belittles Bill Buckner. Next, he references the “Curse of the Bambino” and calls them “losers.”

When he introduces Kane, Rose stands in both fear and awe. Kane enters the ring and tombstone-piledrives him to a RAUCOUS ovation. Now THAT’S a celebrity appearance.

For Undertaker’s entrance, druids with torches line the aisle. As a lightning bolt strikes, Undertaker emerges. WCW really dropped the ball by not making Sting’s entrance at Starrcade theatrical.

Match 7: Undertaker versus Kane (w/ Paul Bearer)


Rating: **½

Summary: For those keeping track, Undertaker is 8-0 at WrestleMania. Kane proves to be a tough foe for Undertaker, but two tall fit monsters can wrestle a better match than this, can’t they? This feud is FAR from over.

After the match, Bearer passes a chair into the ring, tosses down Doan, and puts the Florsheims to Undertaker. Bearer urges Kane to continue the fight, but Undertaker nails Bearer. Kane grabs the chair and WALLOPS Undertaker in the back with it. As he tombstone-piledrives Undertaker on the chair, Kane leaves with Bearer to a chorus of boos.

WWF Attitude promo airs.

Prior to the main event, Tyson’s introduction and induction into DX are shown.

Connecticut Yankee played the DX theme song for Michaels.

Match 8 for the WWF title: The ‘Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (champion w/ HHH & Chyna) versus Stone Cold Steve Austin


Rating: ****

Summary: History-making victory as the Austin era begins. With a rabid crowd waiting for Austin’s moment, he and Michaels used psychology and high-flying to the limits of their abilities due to injury. Bravo, gentlemen!

After the match, Austin offers Tyson an Austin 3:16 shirt, and Tyson readily accepts. Michaels awakens and discovers Tyson’s mutiny. As he steals the t-shirt away from Tyson, Michaels argues with him. He throws the shirt out of the ring and tries a cheap shot. On the other hand, Tyson blocks it and FLATTENS Michaels.

For those unaware, this was Michaels’ last WWF match until August 2002.

Conclusion: Once again, with a WWF PPV, you get your money’s worth with the main event, yet the undercard underperforms. In this case, however, you get much more than your money’s worth as Austin’s ascension to the main event has culminated. Since it’s WrestleMania and one of Austin’s biggest moments, I heartily recommend this show.

Buyrate: 2.30 (Wow!)

Stay tuned for WCW Monday Nitro 03-30-98!

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