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WCCW 09-14-85

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: September 14, 1985 (taped 09/06)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Can Parsons conquer the mountain that is One Man Gang? How does Kevin fare against Adams? Will Adias retain the Texas title against Hernandez? What will Brody do against Tatum? Fire up the grill ‘cuz we’re cookin’ tonight!

Opening montage.

Match 1: Ranji versus Jim Powell


Rating: -*

Summary: Awful opener with mistakes and zero flow. I’ll bet Fritz put ‘em to work on the farm following this dreck.

Match 2: Bruiser Brody versus “Hollywood” John Tatum


Rating: *

Summary: Brody was the bigger star, but these guys had ZERO chemistry. Hopefully Tatum won’t need to hit the reading room following the match.

Match 3 for the NWA Texas title: Brian Adias (champion) versus the “Handsome Half-Breed” Gino Hernandez


Rating: *

Summary: Adias’ anger got the better of him and cost him both the match and the belt.

Match 4 (no-DQ): “Gentleman” Chris Adams versus Kevin Von Erich


Rating: *

Summary: Quite the battle with the irony of the Dynamic Duo’s secret weapon backfiring on them.

After the match, the shark cage is lowered into the ring, and Kevin disposes of Adams. When the cage door opens, Kevin manhandles Hernandez and rips off his suit. Adams returns and hammers Kevin with his American tag team belt. As the Dynamic Duo locks Kevin in the cage, Hernandez retrieves the golden scissors from his sock.

Adams subdues Kevin, but Manning stops Hernandez from shearing Kevin’s mane. Suddenly, Kerry storms the ring to rescue his brother, and Manning unlocks the cage to free Kevin. Kerry subdues Hernandez, and Kevin tries to cut his hair with the golden scissors. Instead, Adams whips Kevin with the tag team belt. The Dynamic Duo flees the ring while the Von Erichs stand tall to a HUGE ovation. To put the cherry on top, Kevin accepts the Dynamic Duo’s challenge of a double hair match at the Cotton Bowl.

Match 5: One Man Gang (w/ Gary Hart) versus “Iceman” King Parsons


Rating: *

Summary: The size difference stood out like a sore thumb, and Parsons didn’t have a prayer without his fists being taped. I’ll give Parsons some credit because he gets some serious elevation on his butt butt.

Next week, the Dynamic Duo defend the American tag titles against Kerry and Kevin. Woohoo!

Conclusion: This is quite the action-packed episode with both a title change, a Von Erich victory, and a Parsons triumph. I’m not sure about Adias’ attitude. Who wants to give him a spanking?

Wow! That’s slightly above a quorum.

TV Rating: NONE>

Stay tuned for WCCW 09-21-85!

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