WCCW 03-12-83

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: March 12, 1983 (taped 03/04)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Can Kevin and David gain victory in their ongoing feud with the Freebirds? Will Kerry give Hayes comeuppance for Christmas night? And who will be my special guest host for tonight’s reflection?

Allison! Glad you can make it! Don’t fret so much and please enjoy the show!

Opening montage.

While Mercer opens the show, Garvin and Sunshine join him. Garvin then changes his mind about his matches being filmed and challenges David for the Texas title.

Match 1: “Wild” Bill Irwin versus Johnny Mantell


Rating: ***

Summary: Solid workrate along with psychology by Mantell made this quick TV match worthwhile.

Match 2: Tola Yatsu (w/ Arman Hussein) versus Mike Bond


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Yatsu.

After the match, Mercer interviews Hussein with Yatsu. Hussein’s ready for Bundy’s challenge whether it’s Bundy or Kabuki. By the way, does this guy think he’s on Candid Camera?

Following a commercial break, a video featuring “Iceman” King Parsons is shown with Saga’s “On The Loose” playing behind it.

Following another commercial break, Mercer interviews David who accepts Garvin’s challenge “on TV.”

Match 3: The “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich versus Michael Hayes


Rating: *½

Summary: Hayes’ brief use of psychology on Kerry’s knee was solid, but his persistence with the bandage cost him thanks to a surprise roll-up.

After the match, Hayes attacks Kerry while Gordy and Roberts join him. The Freebirds then viciously triple-team Kerry until Kevin and David rescue their younger brother. Since the participants of the next match are already at ringside, referee David Manning grabs the microphone and begins the second portion of the main event immediately.

Match 4: Kevin & David Von Erich versus Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts


Rating: *½

Summary: EXTREMELY hot feud with a finish that makes sense as anger and frustration cost the Von Erichs a victory over their archrivals. Excellent corkscrew splash by Kevin notwithstanding.

After the match, David pulls Kevin off Gordy with tremendous effort. Kevin then frees himself from his brother’s clutches and attacks the prone Gordy again. To keep Roberts at bay, David gives him a cross corner whip that results in a Roberts flip. Finally, both Larry Hayes and Lubich pull Kevin away from Gordy.

Following a commercial break, Mercer interviews the Von Erichs. While David’s satisfied with a moral victory due to inflicting harm upon the Freebirds, Kevin wants a no-disqualification match against Gordy.

Conclusion: The Von Erich-Freebirds feud is in full force with full support from the Dallas faithful. Whereas Yatsu easily won a showcase match, Johnny Mantell earns some credibility by going a solid ten minutes with Irwin.

Allison, I’m so glad you could partake in this episode. Please call 1-800-VON-ERICH, and you won’t be disappointed.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for WCCW 03-19-83!

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