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UWF Fury Hour 09-16-91

Taped from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Airdate: September 16, 1991 (taped 04/20/90)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Cardille and Bruno Sammartino

Wait a minute! Who’s this ham’n’egger and where is Craig DeGeorge? Uh, what IS this show? Let’s find out the latest in Herb Abrams and the SportsChannel saga.

Two things become readily apparent with this episode:

  1. The UWF contract was not renewed by SportsChannel.
  2. Abrams ran out of money as well as content and had Howard Brody supply a LMLW episode at a cost.

More on this later.

Opening montage.

As Herb Abrams advertises the Williams/Bigelow match from Beach Brawl, the tape craps out. Methinks SportsChannel doesn’t want a clip show.

Upon its resumption, we get Wild Women of Wrestling featuring performers from the Ladies Major League Wrestling promotion.

Match 1: Sheila Fox versus Cadillac Pink


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Pink.

After the match, Fox mauls Pink, but the anonymous referee pulls her off. A spunky Moretti enters the ring to assist Pink and raise her arm in victory.

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Match 2: Tina Moretti versus Diane Von Hoffman


Rating: *½

Summary: If you want to know why the WWF hired Moretti, watch this match.

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Match 3: The Power Team (Taylor Made & Heidi Lee Morgan) versus Babyface Nellie & Rusty “The Fox” Thomas


Rating: **

Summary: Morgan and Made impressed me, and both teams worked well together.

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INSIDE SCOOP: Leslie Marlowe hosts a segment featuring Bambi at the horse racetrack. Included is a clip of a match with her becoming the victim of some shenanigans by the Glamour Girls.

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Match 4: Malia Hosaka versus Ariel Dee


Rating: *

Summary: Showcase match for Hosaka.

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THE BOTTOM LINE: Luna Vachon interviews Sheila Fox who cuts a promo on Moretti.

Match 5: Wendy Richter versus Leilani Kai (w/ Abdullah Farouk & Judy Martin)


Rating: ***

Summary: Heel chicanery led to Kai’s victory much to the chagrin of the Ft. Lauderdale faithful.

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Conclusion: And just like that, the contract had been completed between Abrams and SportsChannel. Promises of “Dangerous” Danny Spivey and the Ultimate Warrior went without another mention, so where does the UWF go from here?

On another note, the wrestling on the show was entertaining, and you can see the potential from Made and Moretti that earned them WWF contracts.

Next week, the UWF goes PRIME time.

Sorry, Chester.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF 06-29-92!

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