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UWF Fury Hour 07-01-91

Taped from Palmetto, FL

Airdate: July 1, 1990 (taped 06/09)

Attendance: 550

Hosted by Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino

Welcome to part three of Beach Brawl Revisited as Abrams showcases two more matches. Yet again, exclusive interviews are included. It’s gotta be better than last week, right?

Opening montage.

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We then revisit Beach Brawl and the match between Boris Zhukov and Paul Sampson:

Match 0: Boris Zhukov (w/ Mr. Red) versus Paul Sampson


Rating: *

Summary: Showcase match for Zhukov.

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DeGeorge and Brian Ricco interview Boris Zhukov and Mr. Red, but, according to Mr. Red, they don’t respect him.

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We then revisit Beach Brawl and the match between Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy and Johnny Ace:

Match 2 (street fight): Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy versus Don Muraco Johnny Ace


Rating: **

Summary: It appears that Ace was not prepared for a “street fight” and wrestled a regular match. I don’t blame him as he was inserted into the match with insufficient notice. Since both Gordy and Ace wrestle for All-Japan Pro Wrestling, they know each other well enough to assemble a decent match.

Afterward, Gordy and Ace brawl among the Palmetto faithful until Gordy brings a banquet chair into the ring with him. Smartly, Ace doesn’t follow suit until Gordy’s back is turned. Gordy parades among the Palmetto faithful, but Ace catches up to him. Silverman shoos Ace backstage, and Gordy leaves to cheers.

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We then revisit Beach Brawl and the match between Bob Backlund and Ivan Koloff followed by the confrontation between Albano and Mr. Red:

Match 6 (legends): Bob Backlund versus Ivan Koloff (w/ Mr. Red)


Rating: *

Summary: Extremely short match as the producers desperately try to regain the pace of the show.

After the match, Albano returns to the ring to encounter Mr. Red. He then nails Mr. Red. While Ivan tries to rescue his manager, Albano pants Mr. Red. HA! An embarrassed Mr. Red hightails it backstage while Albano celebrates in the ring.

Ricco and DeGeorge interview Mr. Red about the loss by Koloff. To say he’s PISSED OFF about both matches would be an understatement. He then cuts a promo on Albano and refers to Backlund as the “Howdy Doody of the wrestling world.”

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Conclusion: Poor Johnny Ace not only gets exposed on PPV but also this show? I feel bad for the guy. The other match wasn’t much better as it was cut short due to time constraints. Mr. Red is quite a character, so if you’ve never seen his interviews, check it out.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF 07-08-91!

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