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UWF Fury Hour 06-17-91

Taped from Palmetto, FL

Airdate: June 17, 1990 (taped 06/09)

Attendance: 550

Hosted by Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino

Welcome to part one of Beach Brawl Revisited as Abrams provides PPV-quality matches for FREE. Also, exclusive interviews help to make this stuff truly entertaining, right? Let’s find out!

Opening montage.

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We then revisit Beach Brawl and the match between the Blackhearts and FireCat/Jim Cooper:

Match 1: The Blackhearts (w/ Luna Vachon) versus Fire Cat & Jim Cooper


Rating: ***½

Summary: Showcase match for the Blackhearts with solid workrate, teamwork, and high-flying.

After the match, Luna mugs Fire Cat on the concrete floor before Dickinson stops her. Maniacal!

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Brian Ricco and DeGeorge interview Luna and the Blackhearts., and she cuts a promo on Wet’n’Wild while deflecting direct questions to the Blackhearts and wearing her boa constrictor Samantha.

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We then revisit Beach Brawl and the match between the Power Twins and Mass Confusion:

Match 3: Mass Confusion versus the Power Twins (w/o John Tolos)


Rating: ***½

Summary: Great bit of turning the tables on the Power Twins with the double switcheroo. Both the psychology by Mass Confusion combined with the tag formula made this an entertaining match.

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Ricco and DeGeorge interview the Power Twins who believe they didn’t lose at the PPV. They then cut a promo on the Blackhearts along with Wet’n’Wild and vow to win the tag team tournament. Is THAT what Abrams promised them?

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Conclusion: Well, the matches were definitely better than what was being shown at the other TV tapings. The interviews were long, but both Luna and the Power Twins remained in character. Let’s hope part 2 is at least as good as this one is.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF 06-24-91!

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