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UWF Fury Hour 06-03-91

Taped from New York, NY

Airdate: June 3, 1991 (taped 05/10)

Attendance: 450

Hosted by Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino

Finally, it’s the go-home show for Beach Brawl! Can Wet’n’Wild get the better of the Power Twins? More newcomers arrive plus the entire card for the PPV. Let’s find out all about it!

Opening montage.

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Prior to the opening match, Mr. Red grabs the microphone and calls the NYC faithful “hillbillies” and runs down Albano. HA! Let’s hope the wiseguys in Queens don’t find out about it.

Match 1: Ivan Koloff (w/ Mr. Red) versus Corporal Chris Michaels


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Ivan.

After the match, Mr. Red distracts the anonymous referee, and Ivan nails Michaels in the head with his chain. Nefarious! While Michaels is BUSTED OPEN, the beating continues. The referee shoves down Mr. Red, but Ivan physically dismisses him. As Ivan further whips Michaels, Bob Backlund arrives to save Michael’s bacon.

Muraco shills the PPV while cutting a promo on Gordy, and Gordy rebuts.

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CAPTAIN LOU’S CORNER: Albano interviews Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy who cuts a promo on Muraco.

OUR TWO CENTS: DeGeorge, Sammartino, Herb Abrams, and Brian Ricco discuss the PPV. As Sammartino picks Williams to win the TV title, DeGeorge chooses Bigelow. Ricco prefers Bigelow as well, but Abrams disagrees with him and selects Williams as his pick.

Abrams then runs down the card for the PPV:

  1. The Power Twins (w/ John Tolos) versus Mass Confusion
  2. Don Muraco versus Terry Gordy
  3. In a strap match, Colonel DeBeers faces “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
  4. For the UWF Women’s title, Rockin’ Robin squares off against Candi Devine
  5. Wet’n’Wild versus “Cowboy” Bob Orton & Cactus Jack (w/ John Tolos)
  6. Legends match: Ivan Koloff versus Bob Backlund
  7. For the vacant UWF TV title, Bam Bam Bigelow versus Steve “Dr. Death” Williams.

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Match 2: Wet’n’Wild versus the Power Twins (w/ John Tolos)


Rating: **½

Summary: While they used the tag formula to a certain degree, the match lacked heat but had some solid wrestling. Perhaps a rematch can garner better results with the fans?

After the match, the two teams brawl in the aisle, and Tolos smacks Beach with his shoe. Wild Thing comes to his partner’s aid, and the heel scatter.

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Promo airs for the Ft. Lauderdale show as Orndorff squares off against DeBeers. Blair will face Boris Zhukov, the Power Twins battle Wet’n’Wild, the Blackhearts will be in action, and Luna Vachon too!

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BEACH BRAWL PRESS CONFERENCE: Bigelow vows to win the TV title.

Bigelow and Albano shill the PPV, and Orndorff cuts a quick promo about the strap match.

CAPTAIN LOU’S CORNER: Albano interviews the Power Twins with John Tolos and states that Tolos will be suspended above the ring in a cage during the match against Mass Confusion on Sunday. Tolos then protests being put in a cage and refers to Mass Confusion as “insects.”

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Match 3: Mass Confusion versus Hog Calhoun & Cash Jackson


Rating: **

Summary: Showcase match for the former Killer Bees. I had forgotten how high Brunzell’s dropkick used to be.

Mass Confusion cuts a promo.

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At the UWF Beach Brawl press conference, Bigelow uses HARD WORK instead of going to the gym to stay in shape.

Williams cuts a promo on Bigelow.

The Albano/Bigelow/Orndorff PPV shill airs again.

ASK THE WRESTLERS: A letter to Muraco:

Muraco responds.

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Volkoff cuts a promo stating he has become an American citizen and lives in Baltimore, MD. Pass the crab cakes please!

Match 4: Nikolai Volkoff versus the Beast


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Volkoff.

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Promo #4 airs for the PPV.

Promo #3 airs for the Ft. Lauderdale show.

Conclusion: Are you ready for the PPV? The UWF and Herb Abrams hope so! Rather than a double-DQ in the Wet’n’Wild/Power Twins match, couldn’t we get a Tolos-influenced heel victory to garner sympathy heat for the babyfaces? The Backlund arrival was a nice surprise and having Volkoff on the show was a good change of pace. I bet you’re truly excited for the PPV, right?

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF Beach Brawl!

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