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UWF Fury Hour 04-08-91

Taped from New York, NY

Airdate: April 8, 1991 (taped 03/10)

Attendance: 400

Hosted by Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino

Can Wet’n’Wild get a victory over Orton and Cactus in a return match? Who’s the newcomer to UWF? And how will Muraco handle some Samoan gangster violence? Let’s find out!

Opening montage.

After Herb Abrams runs down tonight’s card, Albano plugs his hotline.

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Match 1: Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy versus Captain Badd


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Gordy. Hopefully, he and Williiams can team together and face Orndorff and Blair.

Afterward, Gordy cuts a promo in the “studio.”

Rumble in the Big Apple IV will transpire on 5/10 at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Obviously, the folks who had owned the hotel temporarily changed the name, and new owners reverted the name back to its origin.

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Plug #2 airs for UWF Beach Brawl.

Match 2: B. Brian Blair (w/o Honey) versus Brian Donahue


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Blair who gave Donahue way too much offense.

Tolos plugs the supershow on 6/9 LIVE on PPV.

Abrams plugs the newly-renamed Hotel Pennsylvania.

Before WWF shilled body builder formulas ICOPRO, the UWF also had its “power products.” Get yours today! So Vince McMahon actually copied this idea from Abrams.

Ad for Midnight Express Limousine airs.

Plug #3 for UWF Beach Brawl airs.

Plug #2 for Captain Lou’s hotline.

CAPTAIN LOU’S CORNER: Albano interviews Gordy who touts his ability to “wrap a chair” around a wrestler’s neck. That’s quite the skill.

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An actual commercial for Joe Weiders Mass Workout airs.

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Albano plugs the PPV.

Match 3: Don Muraco versus Afa the Wild Samoan (w/ Samu)


Rating: DUD

Summary: Not much to rate, but I smell a new feud brewing.

Afterward, Afa and Samu make Muraco HIT THE POLE.

ASK THE WRESTLERS: A letter to Orton:

Orton responds as only he can.

Orndorff shills Dynamic Muscle Builder. It’s available through either mail order to Abrams or GNC. Frankly, I’d pick GNC.

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Plug #3 for the NY shows in May airs.

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Match 4: “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff versus Carmine Albano


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Orndorff who’s primed for next week’s cage match.

We then revisit the saga between Orndorff and Williams as Abrams finally understands episode-pacing.

Williams cuts a promo on both NYC and Orndorff.

Orndorff shills Super Arm Blaster.

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Plug #4 airs for the PPV.

Match 5: Wet’n’Wild versus “Cowboy” Bob Orton & Cactus Jack (w/ John Tolos)


Rating: **½

Summary: Another inconclusive finish yet both teams looked remarkably better than last week.

After the match, the heels ram Wet’n’Wild together, and Orton retrieves Beach’s surfboard. The referee rapidly takes it from Orton. Next, a Cactus clothesline sends both Cactus and Beach down to the floor. Tolos mangles Beach on the floor while his charges double-team Wild Thing. To make matters worse, Orton CREAMS Wild Thing with Beach’s surfboard to end the show. Evil!

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Plug #4 for the NY shows airs.

Conclusion: Much better pacing with this episode as Abrams puts on an entertaining show despite the constant main event non-finishes. Did I hear something about next week?

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF 04-15-91!

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