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UWF Fury Hour 01-28-91

Taped from New York, NY

Airdate: January 28, 1991 (taped 01/09)

Attendance: 900

Hosted by Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino

Can Orndorff get revenge against Williams? Will Blair get his own revenge against Orton? How will David fare against Ivan? Let’s find out!

In the cold open, Williams promises a BLOODBATH against Orndorff.

Opening montage.

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Match 1: The “Wild Thing” versus Louie Spicolli


Rating: ½*

Summary: Showcase match for Wild Thing as Spicolli did a fine job of leading him.

David cuts a promo on Ivan.

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Match 2: Ivan Koloff versus David Sammartino


Rating: *

Summary: Decent psychology by both wrestlers, but with Ivan replacing Zbyszko, this match had no heat and a crappy finish.

After the match, Ivan provides David with a swinging neckbreaker and disputes the referee’s decision.

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Orndorff shills the Super Arm Blaster.

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Match 3: Sunny Beach versus Mike Williams


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for the newcomer who respected Williams by giving him some offense.

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Orton with Tolos cuts a promo on Blair.

CAPTAIN LOU’S CORNER: Albano interviews Blair with Honey, and Blair cuts a promo on Orton.

ASK THE WRESTLERS: A letter for Albano:

Albano responds by saying he will “make (Tolos and Orton) pay” while confusing the gender of the person who mailed in the question. Abrams acknowledges and apologizes on his behalf.

Orndorff shills Dynamic Muscle Builder.

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Prior to the next match, we revisit the heinous headbutt supplied by Orton to Honey back on 11/26/1990.

Match 4: B. Brian Blair (w/ Capt. Lou Albano & Honey) versus “Cowboy” Bob Orton (w/ John Tolos)


Rating: ***

Summary: Good story with all parties getting involved in the match. The feud cannot not over based on this outcome because I’m certain that Blair wants to beat Orton to teach him a lesson. Today’s not that day.

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Williams cuts a promo on Orndorff.

Orndorff responds.

Match 5: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams versus “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff


Rating: DUD

Summary: Too short to rate, and this blood feud is NOT over.

Following the match, Orndorff nails Williams again with the umbrella before ramming him face-first into the timekeeper’s table. Williams is BUSTED OPEN. When Williams re-enters the ring, Orndorff mounts the top turnbuckle and delivers a flying fist to the bloodied Williams.

Orndorff attempts a bulldog, but Williams shoves him away. Afterward, Williams then supplies Orndorff with a knee lift, but Abrams interrupts the post-match proceedings by announcing that we will see the remainder of the chaos in two weeks.

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Before the show leaves the air, Abrams shills the next TV taping on 2/15 at the Penta Hotel.

Conclusion: On paper, this was a BLOCKBUSTER show. Since none of the hyped matches had a clean finish, the show cheated both the NYC faithful and the TV viewers. While I realize that Abrams was a student of the game, he should heed what happened to Jim Crockett Promotions when Dusty Rhodes kept screwing over the fans. Otherwise, it’s curtains.

Next week, “the best of the UWF” comes to SportsChannel.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF 02-04-91!

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