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UWF Fury Hour 01-14-91

Taped from New York, NY

Airdate: January 14, 1990 (taped 01/09)

Attendance: 900 (wow!)

Hosted by Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino

We’re in the Big Apple! Can Wild Thing upend Ivan in a return match? Who’s that sitting in the stands? And look at ALL THESE PEOPLE. Let’s find out!

In the cold open, Valentine challenges EVERYB0DY in the UWF. Perhaps Abrams got him “hammered” prior to his debut.

Opening montage.

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Match 1: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine versus Sonny Blaze


Rating: *½

Summary: Showcase match for Valentine, and the NYC faithful showed their love with a “hammer” chant.

At ringside, Herb Abrams interviews Valentine who refers to himself as the “greatest.” Greatest what, I have no idea.

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Telly Savalas shills Players Club International.

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Andre the Giant barely fits on my widescreen TV as he promotes being involved with the UWF. Abrams must have really milked every second Andre spent that one night in Reseda.

Match 2: “Iceman” King Parsons versus Dusty Wolfe


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Parsons. If Wolfe hadn’t shown up for a WWF TV taping later in the month, I would have believed he blew out his knee.

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  1. 2/8 at the Royce Hotel in Queens
  2. 2/9 at the Penta Hotel in Manhattan

Match 3: Don Muraco versus Chris Michaels


Rating: *

Summary: Showcase match for Muraco with heat coming from Rude.

Don’t get your hopes up, UWF fans. Rude left the WWF in November 1990 but was still under contract.

After the match, Muraco and Rude stared each other down before Muraco exited the ring.

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CAPTAIN LOU’S CORNER: Albano interviews Valentine who disparages him and should be World champion.

UWF BOX OFFICE: Abrams and Bruno shill the next live show on 2/9 at the Penta Hotel. A match that has already been “signed” is Nikolai Volkoff versus Boris Zhukov. Yes, folks, the Soviet Union was crumbing at this point in time.

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ASK THE WRESTLERS: A letter to “Dr. Death” Steve Williams:

Williams responds.

Match 4: B. Brian Blair (w/ Honey) versus Mike Williams


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Blair.

At ringside, Abrams interviews Blair with Honey. Blair’s ready for Orton.

Orton alongside Tolos rebuts.

Abrams plugs the UWF Powerline again.

Prior to the next match, Spicolli actually believes he’s cute.

Match 5: David Sammartino versus Louie Spicolli


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for David.

Orndorff shills the Super Arm Blaster. This is NOT available at GNC.

Ad for Midnight Express Limousine airs.

Ad #2 for the Penta Hotel airs.

“Killer” Kowalski shills the UWF.

Prior to the main event, Ivan cuts a promo on Wild Thing.

Speak of the Wild Thing, and he rebuts.

Match 6: Ivan Koloff versus the Wild Thing


Rating: *½

Summary: Last week, Ivan stole one from Wild Thing. This week, he cheated like Daniel Gallagher. Perhaps, one day, Wild Thing can, figuratively speaking, boil his bunny.

After the match, Hernandez questions Ivan about the chain, but Ivan denies it. Although the camera cuts away, it appears that Hernandez has reversed the decision.

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Plug #4 for the UWF Powerline.

Muraco cuts a promo to end the show.

Conclusion: With an actual finish to the main event along with a surprise appearance by Rude, the UWF continues its upswing. Let’s hope Abrams has more in store for us next week.

Next week, Parsons squares off against Colonel DeBeers. I smell BLOOD.

IN OTHER NEWS: Remember that January 10 show in Queens Village?

On the other hand, the show on 1/12 occurred, and here are the results (c/o prowrestlinghistory.com):

  1. Wild Thing pinned Louie Spicolli
  2. Sonny Blaze defeated Chris Michaels (Popcorn, anyone?)
  3. Cactus Jack pinned Sunny Beach
  4. “Iceman” King Parsons beat Colonel DeBeers
  5. David Sammartino upended Ivan Koloff
  6. B. Brian Blair bested “Cowboy” Bob Orton by DQ
  7. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams pinned Don Muraco
  8. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff defeated Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for UWF 01-21-91!

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