WWF This Tuesday in Texas

Live from San Antonio, TX

Airdate: December 3, 1991

Attendance: 8,000

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Can Hogan regain the WWF title? Does Savage get revenge against Roberts? Read on!

Match 1 for the WWF Intercontinental title: Bret “Hitman” Hart (champion) versus Skinner


Rating: **1/2

Summary: With Skinner controlling the match, the pace was plodding, and Bret didn't showcase much besides his customary five moves.

From the blue locker room, Sean Mooney interviews Roberts who cuts an intense promo on Savage. When he turns his attention to WWF President Jack Tunney, Roberts states that he cannot be held responsible for his actions. I smell shenanigans.

Elsewhere backstage, "Mean" Gene Okerlund interviews Savage with Elizabeth.

Match 2: “Macho Man” Randy Savage versus Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Rating: **1/2

Summary: This was a relatively quick match at 6:25, but Savage gave Roberts his comeuppance for the snake attack.

After the match, Savage exits the ring and grabs a chair. Although Tony Garea tries to take it from him, Savage kicks him away. Savage then grabs the bell, but Hebner removes it. Instantly, Roberts hits the DDT. As the San Antonio faithful chants "Mach-o," Roberts delivers a second DDT. Savage is OUT COLD.

After Hebner shoos him away, Roberts pulls a bag from underneath the ring. He then taunts Savage with the bag that supposedly holds the king cobra, but Elizabeth runs to the ring to save her husband. While she yells at Roberts to "leave him alone," Roberts taunts her while giving Savage DDT #3. How dastardly! Roberts then unlaces the bag and puts on his protective glove.

Instead of releasing the snake, Roberts grabs Elizabeth by the hair and strikes her. Oh. My. God. That's despicable! Before any more chicanery can occur, Tunney exerts his authority by ejecting Roberts. Finally, officials assist Savage backstage while Elizabeth's both hurt and upset. Add ½* for the exciting post- match angle.

Backstage, Okerlund interviews Roberts who relishes what just happened. Roberts is such an incredible heel.

Match 3: The “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith versus Warlord (w/ Harvey Wippleman)


Rating: **1/2

Summary: Much better than I expected as Smith had his working boots on.

Backstage, Mooney interviews an irate Savage who feels that Roberts degraded Elizabeth and blames himself. He then vows to punish Roberts despite his anguish.

Match 4: The “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase & Repo Man (w/ Sensational Sherri) versus “El Matador” Tito Santana & Virgil


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: Really good match where the tag formula kept the San Antonio faithful glued to the match. Also, DiBiase was the workhorse whereas I thought that would be Santana.

Backstage, Okerlund interviews Hogan while highlights of Undertaker's victory at Survivor Series are shown.

Match 5 for the WWF title: Undertaker (champion w/ Paul Bearer) versus the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan


Rating: *1/2

Summary: Another screwy finish to a mostly bad match.

After the match, Hogan nails Undertaker with the belt sending him to the floor and poses for the San Antonio faithful.

Conclusion: Similar to an SNME, this show was part of a larger TV taping including matches for Prime Time Wrestling and Wrestling Challenge. Dissimilar to an SNME, the violence displayed by Roberts wouldn't have been tolerated on national TV in 1991.

I meant domestic violence.

OK, you got me.

Regardless, this was a novelty show as a Tuesday night PPV didn’t generate enough buys to continue the trend. With that in mind, both the Savage-Roberts saga and the tag match were worthwhile, and the title change was historic yet controversial.

See you for WCW Starrcade ‘91!

Buyrate: 1.00

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