Taped from Wheeling, WV

Airdate: September 6, 1996 (taped 8/19)

Attendance: 4,903

Hosted by Kevin Kelly and Jim Ross

Opening montage.

Due to the US Tennis Open, once again, RAW was moved to Friday, so let’s see what the WWF has it store…

Prior to our first match, we revisit Superstars when Mr. Perfect stole Helmsley’s valet (aired 8/25, taped 8/20). Also, at CNE “Ex”Perience in Toronto on 8/24, Perfect stole his valet there as well.

Match 1 (Intercontinental title quarterfinals): Sid versus Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Kimberly)


Rating: DUD

Summary: Wow! Complete jobberdom for Helmsley here. He’s still taking his medicine for the Curtain Call nearly four months later. Sid just PLANTED him with that powerbomb too. I’m surprised Helmsley didn’t have a neck or back injury afterward.

After the match, Mr. Perfect woos Kimberly away from Helmsley. When Helmsley wakes up, he realizes that Kimberly left with Perfect.

Follow-up on Ahmed Johnson’s injury: According to Dr. Joel Hackett, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood, Johnson’s kidney is still bleeding. Wouldn’t he be dead by now if that was true? Regardless, Johnson promises he’s coming back.

Before the next match begins, Ross promises “the biggest story of (his)…career.”

Match 2 (Intercontinental title quarterfinals): Stone Cold Steve Austin versus “Wildman” Marc Mero (w/ Sable)


Rating: *1/2

Summary: Austin said his time had come back at the King of the Ring, but tonight, his watch must have stopped.

After the match, Austin delivers the Stone Cold Stunner to Mero then tosses him outside the ring. Mero comes back and brawls with Austin until officials separate them.

The FootAction USA Slam of the Week was the powerbomb delivered earlier by Sid to Helmsley.

In the ring, Jerry “The King” Lawler interviews former Olympian Mark Henry. We then revisit Summerslam when Henry stopped Lawler from pouring more whiskey on Roberts. Lawler then challenges Henry to a match as the canned heat goes crazy while the crowd sits on its hands. Henry states that he isn’t ready due to his limited training. When Lawler badmouths him, Henry accepts his challenge. It’s a good thing Lawler didn’t insult Texas; otherwise, he’d be a grease spot on the mat.

According to Kelly, the Undertaker will face the undefeated Salvatore Sincere on RAW this coming Monday beginning at 8:57pm ET. A-ha! So they too tried to compete by starting early. I wonder what Nitro’s response will be.

Match 3: Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer) versus Alex “The Pug” Porteau


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for the #1 contender to the WWF title: Mankind.

We then see a video from the CNE “Ex”Perience of Sycho Sid competing against Angus the Elephant. With help from his Special Olympic teammates, Sid won. During the live event, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper got involved.

In the ring, Mr. Bob Backlund promises a new “WWWF champion”. The trainer for this individual will be the Iron Sheik who offers a lot of indecipherable words. So many words, in fact, that he gets cut off.

Promo for WWF Superstars on the USA Network beginning the weekend of 9/21-22.

Prior to the main event, the Undertaker cuts a pre-recorded promo on Goldust.

Match 4 for the WWF title: The “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) versus Goldust (w/ Marlena)


Rating: ***

Summary: If it’s Michaels in ’96, it has to be at least good. This one fits the bill. I’m not aware of too many matches between Michaels and Goldust, so if you’ve never seen this one, seek it out.

After the match, Mankind comes through the crowd and tries to get a 2-on-1 advantage, but Michaels escapes to save his skin.

Conclusion: This was a very skippable show; however, Ross’ play-by-play during the show was a breath of fresh air compared to McMahon’s style. If this show had been scheduled against last Monday’s Nitro, it would have been slaughtered. Other than the Undertaker-Sincere match, no other matches were advertised for RAW on Monday.

TV Rating: 2.40

Stay tuned for week 51 of the Monday Night War!

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