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WWF Monday Night RAW 05-18-98

Live from Nashville, TN

Airdate: May 18, 1998

Attendance: 11,528 (sold out)

Hosted by Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Kevin Kelly, & Jerry “The King” Lawler

In what unique fashion will Mr. McMahon screw with Austin? Who’s the mystery man? Will Venis explode in his in-ring debut or just fizzle? What’s new with Sable? Can the Rock and Owen win the tag titles? Let’s open this up and find out!

Opening montage.

Mr. McMahon along with Brisco and Patterson head to the ring amid a chorus of boos. As McMahon crows about his “devastating” clothesline, he mentions that Austin has a “mild concussion.” JR disagrees, but McMahon declares that Austin is barred from the arena.

Earlier tonight, Austin attempted to enter the Ryman Auditorium, but WWF Security stopped him. Austin threatened his way into the building but only after five minutes and some “Steveweisers.”

When we return to live action, Dude approaches the ring dressed in coat and tie. Dude cuts a promo, yet the Nashville faithful chants “Au-stin” to spite him. Next, McMahon introduces Runnels who walks to the ring with a knee brace. McMahon runs him down and books him in a match against Dude TONIGHT.

If Runnels wins, he’ll face Austin at the PPV; however, should he lose, Runnels works without pay for a month. Runnels accepts and crowns Dude to big cheers. In response, Dude, Patterson, and Brisco triple-team him. Officials arrive to restrain Runnels upon his exit from the ring.

Outside the arena, Lawler brings a hooded individual into the arena but gets stopped by WWF Security. Once the security guard verifies that it’s not Austin, he permits Lawler and the mystery man into the arena.

Backstage, Lawler has misplaced the mystery man but finds him on a payphone listening to the “Ross Report” on the WWF Superstar Line.

Match 1: Val Venis versus 2 Cold Scorpio


Rating: ***

Summary: Decent debut for Venis as Scorpio gave him quite the competition. He’s certainly over with the ladies. His ring work may impress the men somewhere down the line.

Austin returns to enter the arena but gets stopped by WWF Security again. As he determines that the security guard “wants to do things the hard way,” Austin rams him directly into the garage door. Upon pummeling the woefully outmatched guard, Austin radios for medical assistance while warning Mr. McMahon: “(Your) ass belongs to Stone Cold.”

Following a commercial break, Austin walks to the ring to a raucous ovation. He grabs a microphone, summons a LOUD “hell yeah,” and calls out McMahon including his entourage. As McMahon stands at the entrance to berate Austin, Austin mocks and threatens them. Next, he demands a street fight against all three men TONIGHT while McMahon appears to be shocked. Patterson and Brisco accept the challenge, but McMahon leaves the 2-on-1 as a mystery for later. Austin’s language, while not offensive to me, was extremely strong.

Vignette for Edge airs.

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Lawler finds his mystery man getting makeup from the fashion artist. “You protect me, and I’ll protect you,” says Lawler.

Sable arrives to a monstrous reaction and enters the ring. Upon grabbing the microphone, she calls out Mero. As Mero makes his way to the ring, we revisit the destruction of his career from last week. The Nashville faithful serenades her with a “Sa-ble” chant, yet their hero “lets bygones be bygones.” After Sable wishes to have an “amicable split,” Mero states she’s “(his) property” and demands she stand in his corner. Reluctantly, Sable agrees.

Match 2: “Marvelous” Marc Mero (w/ Sable) versus Terry Funk


Rating: *

Summary: Mero, without question, your career is OVER. You now can stand in Sable’s corner or go sell AFLAC.

Outside the arena, the security guard speaks to the police.

1-800-COLLECT WWF REWIND: Undertaker destroys Lawler for being an asshole.

Following a commercial break, police officers confront Lawler and his mystery man. Once the officers realize Austin’s not under the sheet, they continue their pursuit.

We revisit some recent history when the Road Warriors and DoA couldn’t get along and fought all over the arena. Twice 8-Ball executed the switcheroo—first against the NAO and second against Hawk last week.

Match 3: The Road Warriors (w/o Sunny) versus Disciples of Apocalypse


Rating: *

Summary: The end of the match fell apart, and the history lesson preceding the match telegraphed the finish.

Kevin Kelly interviews the Road Warriors at ringside, and Animal demands a six-man tag next week.

Earlier today, Paul Bearer and Kane visited the Briarville Medical Center in Madison, TN for paternity testing.


Lawler emerges with the mystery man and walks to the broadcast table. As he complains about being attacked last week, he introduces..Al Snow! The Nashville faithful celebrates him with a “head” chant, and Lawler promises him a meeting with Mr. McMahon.

Match 4: Dude Love (w/ Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson) versus Dustin Runnels


Rating: DUD

Summary: With Runnels not fit for competition due to his knee, Dude’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

Back in the locker room, the police catch up to Austin, arrest him, and read him his rights.

Following a commercial break, Mr. McMahon berates Austin and regrets not having a street fight tonight. So what’s the cockamamie main event?

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Match 5: Dick Togo & Mens Teioh (w/ Funaki & Yamaguchi) versus the Headbangers


Rating: **

Summary: Plenty of high-flying and synchronicity, but ZERO interest from the Nashville faithful makes this match worthless.

Outside the arena, McMahon speaks with the police, and Austin’s sitting in the back of a squad car.

CASTROL GTX SLAM OF THE WEEK: Vader obliterates Barry Windham with a Vader bomb.

At Briarville Medical Center, Kane and Bearer give blood samples for DNA testing. About as exciting as vacuuming.

Prior to the next match, XPac grabs the microphone and says that “DX got game.” Whatever. HHH does his Michael Buffer impersonation. Road Dog does his spiel before cutting a promo on NoD. Fortunately for us, the NoD music interrupts Gunn. HA!

Match 6 for the WWF tag team titles: the New Age Outlaws (champions w/ DX) versus Owen Hart & the Rock (w/ the Nation of Domination)


Rating: **

Summary: Lots of shenanigans, but it furthers the storyline between Rock and Faarooq for the PPV.

Backstage, Austin apologizes to the security guard yet flips him off.

In the ring, Kelly interviews Dr. Chuck Woosley who reveals the DNA results—Paul Bearer is Kane’s biological father. The lights dim, and Kane emerges with his daddy. Fervently, Bearer labels Undertaker’s mother as a “dumb, stupid whore,”

An enraged Undertaker sprints to the ring and flattens Bearer. He chokeslams Kane before pummeling Bearer. As Kane recovers, he gives Undertaker a cross corner whip and follows with his own chokeslam. Kane and Bearer double-team Undertaker until Vader joins the fray. While Kane and Vader brawl, Undertaker chases after Bearer.

Match 7 (handicap): WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson


Rating: NONE

BONUS FOOTAGE: With Austin down on the floor, Dude and McMahon exchange pleasantries. Brisco hugs McMahon before leaving. In the ring, McMahon and Dude share a hug to a chorus of boos. While the Nashville faithful share an “Au-stin” chant, their hero jumps into the ring and mugs McMahon. He chases McMahon backstage, and the Nashville faithful rejoices.

Conclusion: The Austin-McMahon saga continues to tremendous fanfare. Meanwhile, the NoD-DX feud begins to heat up. Bearer’s words ring true as the paternity test proves his fatherhood. To further Sable’s cause, Mero slides further down the card. In his debut match, Venis topples 2 Cold Scorpio. Although the episode ran unopposed, the WWF didn’t let off the gas to entertain its audience.

TV Rating: 5.33

Stay tuned for WCW Thunder 05-21-98!

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