WCWA Parade of Champions ‘87

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: May 3, 1987

Attendance: 5,900

Hosted by Bill Mercer

While dedicated to the memory of David Von Erich, this show is also dedicated to the memory of Mike Von Erich who passed away twenty-three days prior (4/12/87). Additionally, Kerry Von Erich was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on 6/4/86 and remained out of action for this show.

Yet again, I had to venture away from the WWE Network to locate this show.

Match 1: Bruiser Brody versus Jeep Swenson


Rating: *

Summary: The crowd absolutely loved Brody here. Technically, this was crap, but if you’ve never seen Swenson, check this out.

Match 2 (scaffold): The Fantastics & Steve Simpson versus Eric Embry & the Rock’n’Roll RPMs


Rating: *

Summary: Although extremely dangerous, a dropkick by one of the Fantastics would have been historic. As it is, this match is comparable to the Skywalkers match at Starrcade ’86.

After the match, a bloodied Embry holds his left leg. Although I cannot locate any further information, he more than likely either sprained or blew out his knee. That was a LONG fall.

Match 3: “Killer” Tim Brooks versus Steve Doll


Rating: *

Summary: You would think a veteran like Brooks wouldn’t fall for that trick twice.

Match 4: Mil Mascaras versus Al Madril


Rating: **1/2

Summary: If Madril did anything worthwhile in this match, he made Mascaras look good.

Match 5: Abdullah the Butcher & Eli the Eliminator versus Red River Jack & Spike Huber


Rating: **

Summary: Exciting finish to a match that was mostly a brawl. Jack now can get his hands on Hart.

Impromptu Match 6: Red River Jack versus Gary Hart


Rating: DUD

Summary: After all the crap Hart gave Jack, the latter finally got his comeuppance. Solid work by Hart here.

Match 7 for the WCWA World title: Kevin Von Erich (champion) versus Nord the Barbarian (w/o Gary Hart)


Rating: ***

Summary: Didn’t Kevin just lose another brother less than a month before this match? Was there a reason he couldn’t have pinned Nord here? I realize the NWA title victory by Kerry was only three years prior, but the timing should have signaled Kevin to go over clean here.

After the match, Kevin and Nord brawl on the turf. After Nord boots referee Rick Hazzard down, Kevin rams Nord into the retaining wall. As officials and wrestlers finish pulling them apart, Kevin returns to the ring to retrieve his belt and receive accolades from the crowd.

Matches missing from this video:

Matt Borne & Steve Casey defeated Black Bart & Jack Victory.

Cousin Junior beat the Grappler.

Skip Young pinned Brian Adias in a lumberjack match.

Candy Divine won a 6-woman mud pit match.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, with the sparse crowd, the thrill of this show being in Texas Stadium had definitely passed. If you’re a fan of Bruiser Brody, then this was YOUR show. As it is, the finish to the main event truly signified that things were not going smoothly in WCWA.

Buyrate: NONE

Stay tuned for NWA Great American Bash ‘87!

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