First of all, I would like to take WWE Network to task for not having this show available. While the Vault content doesn’t get as much traffic as the current content supershows such as this one (and its successors) along with AWA’s Superclash shows would help to promote the vast content of the Network quite well. Second of all, this show was held at Texas Stadium (then-home of the Dallas Cowboys) as a tribute to the recently fallen David Von Erich. Prior to his death David was being groomed for the NWA World title. Some would say he was the best wrestler among the Von Erichs while others would argue that Kerry was the star.

Live from Irving, TX

Airdate: May 6, 1984

Attendance: 32,123

Hosted by Marc Lowrance

Match 1: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed versus Chic Donovan


Rating: DUD

Summary: Reed’s days were definitely ahead of him (“The Natural”, Doom).

Match 2: The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) versus Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar and Friday)


Rating: ½*

Summary: At least the fans were behind Kabuki in this dreck of a match. Lowrance noted the match result was a double-disqualification.

Afterwards Hart chokes Akbar in the corner until David Manning arrives to break everything up.

Match 3: The Missing Link (w/ Skandor Akbar) versus the Junkyard Dog


Rating: *

Summary: JYD was on his way up north so he was putting over talent.

After the match Lubich comes into the ring and reverses the decision. In protest the Link rams his head against the wooden steps. Gee, therapy back in the mid 80’s must have been expensive for this guy.

Match 4 for the NWA American tag team titles: The Super Destroyers (champions w/ Skandar Akbar) versus Iceman King Parsons and Buck “Rock’n’Roll” Zumhofe



Summary: Not a lot of chemistry between these teams, but the tag formula worked to a certain degree here.

Match 5 for the WCCW World six-man tag team titles: The Fabulous Freebirds (champions) versus Kevin, Mike, and Fritz Von Erich


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: White-hot feud that the Texas Stadium crowd ate up with a spoon.

After the match Killer Khan comes into the ring and attacks Kevin. Lowrance’s lack of political correctness rears its ugly head by referring to Khan as “a huge, mean Oriental.” 1984, folks. Meanwhile Kerry joins his father and brothers in the melee with the Freebirds and Khan until the heels leave to fight another day.

Match 6 for the NWA World title: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (champion) versus the “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: While not a technical masterpiece this victory was tremendously symbolic for both the Von Erich family and World Class Championship Wrestling. Due to its significance I awarded the match an additional ½*. More on this later.

As the crowd loses its collective minds the Von Erich clan run into the ring to celebrate with their brother. Also, the babyfaces from the locker room pour into the ring to mob Kerry in celebration. In pure disbelief Flair tells Kerry that “(he’ll) be back.” With the Texas state flag and a yellow rose Kerry stands tall in the ring.

Match 7 (mixed tag): “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin and Precious versus “Gentleman” Chris Adams and Sunshine


Rating: **1/2

Summary: The female portion of the huge crowd loved this match.

Afterwards Precious returns to the ring and wallops Sunshine with her purse before fleeing with Garvin. Sunshine bolts from the ring and tackles Precious. A bloody Adams chases Garvin back to the tunnel.

Conclusion: If you’ve never seen WCCW this show would be a good introduction. As I mentioned earlier David Von Erich was seen in the NWA as a future/potential World Champion; therefore, it was a tip of the cap by the NWA to WCCW giving Kerry a title reign.

Unfortunately due to Kerry’s issues his reign was cut short by the NWA eighteen days later in Yokosuka, Japan as he lost the title back to Flair.

Definitely check this show out, but I would hope the WWE Network can supply an unclipped full version unlike the copy I acquired.

See you for Starrcade ‘84!

Buyrate: NONE

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