Live from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: November 18, 1995

Attendance: 1,150

Hosted by Joey Styles

Match 1: Don E. Allen versus the Broad Street Bully


Rating: NONE

Summary: The coronation of one of the biggest stars of ECW, ladies and gentlemen.

Paul Heyman, executive producer of ECW, is in the ring and has a special announcement. The lights are dimmed. When they are illuminated again, SABU returns to ECW! The crowd goes apeshit! Paul and Sabu share a handshake and a hug. The crowd chants “Thank you” to Paul.

Match 2: “The Sexiest Man on Earth” Jason versus Konnan


Rating: DUD

Summary: This “match” was all about giving Taz babyface heat. This becomes important later.

Match 3: “Dancing” Stevie Richards versus El Puerto Ricano


Rating: **

Summary: Excellent high-flying by the rookie but he was overmatched by Stevie’s charisma here.

Match 4: The Pitbulls (w/ Francine) versus the Eliminators (w/ Jason)


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: The Eliminators were brand new to ECW at this point and showcased themselves well here. This feud by no means was over as it got much more brutal.

After the match Jason manhandles and kisses Francine. As punishment for his indiscretion he eats a chair shot from Pitbull #1. Saturn then dropkicks the chair into Pitbull #1’s face then nails Pitbull #2 with a chair to the back. The Eliminators then deliver Total Elimination to Pitbull #1 followed by another one to Pitbull #2.

Match 5 (Mexican death): Rey Mysterio, Jr. versus Psychosis


Rating: ****1/2

Summary: Holy frijoles, Batman! These guys threw it all out there and delivered the goods. Check this out if you haven’t seen it.

After the match Jason gets into the ring and beckons Mysterio’s attention. He then requests to be Mysterio’s manager. Rey answers with a leg lariat, arm drag, and headscissors. Immediately the Eliminators hit the ring and demolish Mysterio. Kronus gives Mysterio a slingshot powerbomb. A leg drop by Saturn follows. Leg drops #2 and #3 flatten Mysterio until 911 appears.

As 911 grabs Kronus, Mysterio gives Saturn a top rope huracanrana. A Mysterio dropkick places Saturn in 911’s grasp along with Kronus. 911 then proceeds to chokeslam both of them. Mysterio jumps on 911’s shoulders as good prevails over evil.

Match 6 for the ECW World tag team titles: Too Cold Scorpio and the Sandman (champions w/ Woman) versus the Public Enemy


Rating: **

Summary: Considering Sandman was the former World champion he was the odds-on favorite to win the match.

After the match Scorpio revives the Sandman with a tall boy of Busch. He subsequently drops the beer. NO! Sandman looks astonished and claims alcohol abuse. However, since it was accidental they embrace. Sandman finishes the beer and smashes the can on his forehead. Hero to ECW fans everywhere!

The J.T. Smith-Axl Rotten match was not included on the WWE Network version of this show. I feel ripped off! Don’t you? Send your complaints to them.

Anyways, highlights of the World title match between then-champion Shane Douglas and Sandman were shown. Woman double-crossed Douglas so that he could go play with the Clique in the WWF she could manage the Sandman again. Douglas recruited Pennsylvania State athletic commission-appointed referee Bill Alphonso (last seen in the WWF) to “clean up” ECW by enforcing the rules that he felt were not being followed. Read into that as you will because with his frantic behavior and character style Alphonso became the most hated villain in ECW.

Further highlights show Alphonso delivering a clothesline to ECW commissioner Tod Gordon along with the long-awaited chokeslam by 911 to Alphonso after the double dog-collar match. It had been banned previously by Alfonso but reinstated that evening. Only Heaven and Bill Alphonso know why.

More highlights show Alphonso’s bloodying the Commissioner as well as fighting with Beulah.

Match 7: Bill Alphonso versus Tod Gordon


Rating: DUD

Summary: We have a heel turn, ladies and gentlemen! While this match had ZERO redeeming value from a technical perspective its purpose was to create the monster Taz.

After the match, as the crowd chants for Sabu, Taz curses out the crowd for it. He bitches out the ECW crowd for failing to support him while he was down and out. “What about me?” bemoans Taz. He then tells the crowd off followed by running down Paul Heyman. Next he touts Alphonso as his biggest supporter. The crowd offers a sexual suggestion to him, but he doesn’t give a flying you-know-what about them. Now THAT’S a heel turn.

Match 8 for the ECW World title: Mikey Whipwreck (champion) versus the Sandman (w/ Woman)


Rating: NONE

REAL Match 8 for the ECW World title: Mikey Whipwreck (champion) versus “Superstar” Steve Austin


Rating: *

Summary: The underdog story of Mikey Whipwreck continued here as Austin did a great job of putting him over while literally making an ass out of himself.

After the match Austin levels Whipwreck with a clothesline and tosses him out of the ring. Great job, Steve!

Match 9: Hack Meyers versus Sabu


Rating: **1/2

Summary: Great showcase for the returning Sabu. I hope Meyers had plenty of aspirin after this match.

After the match Sabu and Meyers shake hands.

Match 10: Raven and Cactus Jack versus Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer


Rating: ***

Summary: If you love garbage brawls with tons of blood then this is your type of main event. Again Dreamer was unable to pin Raven which meant this feud had to continue.

After the match Cactus gives Dreamer a double-arm DDT. Richards enters the ring but eats a superkick from Dreamer. Raven is being mutilated with some barbed wire by Dreamer as Cactus chokes Funk outside the ring. In retaliation Raven delivers a head butt to Dreamer somewhere near this island of Madagascar with the barbed wire on his head. SICK!

Conclusion: Sending the crowd home happy (especially in Philly) was extremely important due to the ramifications of the fire from the show in October.

This show was a rough blueprint for the Attitude Era in the WWF. It contained sex, hardcore violence, profanity, lucha libre, a “comedy” match with angle development, and the return of one of ECW’s demigods. What else can you ask for from a great show?

With that being said my recommendation comes with a warning. ECW is NOT family entertainment. This show is not suited for younger audiences. I wouldn’t even use it as an introduction to new fans. As evidenced by the crowd reactions within the show the Philly crowd was glued together by a group of smart fans who enjoyed hardcore wrestling. If you haven’t seen this show but are somewhat familiar with ECW please enjoy it. If you haven’t had a taste of ECW before watch an episode of Hardcore TV on the WWE Network prior to watching a 3-hour TV-MA PPV-quality show.

See you for WWF Survivor Series!

Buyrate: NONE (They were not on PPV yet.)

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