WCW Monday Nitro 6-30-97

Live from Las Vegas, NV

Airdate: June 30, 1997

Attendance: 8,239 (7,251 paid)

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, “Iron” Mike Tenay, & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Who is the "impact player"? What's the deal with Jarrett? What about Konnan? Is Mysterio for real? Read on!

Opening montage.

In the ring, "Mean" Gene Okerlund interviews Flair. Behind him are two women with a mannequin wearing Scottish clothing. According to Flair, Piper didn't survive a night with two women in Vegas. As the Las Vegas faithful chant "Rod-dy," one of the women asks Okerlund "Why do they call him Hot Rod?" Flair bursts into laughter. The other woman proudly states "He's definitely not hot."

Flair then cuts a promo on Piper. As he crows about his prowess, Flair informs Piper that he "can't hang." Then, in a WTF moment, Okerlund asks the ladies about Flair's "sixty-minute-man" reputation. To which, one woman replies "more like thirty seconds." Yikes! Okerlund tries to cover for Flair, but it's too late. Flair then holds up a kilt in an attempt to mock Piper.

Next, the women remove Okerlund's jacket in anticipation of some late-night shenanigans, but Okerlund hightails it like a scared married man.

Match 1 for the WCW Cruiserweight title: ‘Lionheart” Chris Jericho (champion) versus Juventud Guerrera


Rating: ***½

Summary: Awesome match, but I have to deduct a ½* star due to Guerrera's unintentional sloppiness.

TV Rating: 2.7

In the ring, Okerlund interviews Jericho who declares his championship is a "WCW belt" rather than an nWo belt. Suddenly, Syxx comes to the ring and makes a lewd remark to Jericho. When he tells Jericho that he never lost and will give Jericho another shot, Syxx slaps him. Jericho attacks Syxx as Okerlund scrambles to exit the ring.

After a commercial break, officials have finally separated Syxx and Jericho. Okerlund then interviews Alex Wright who claims WCW "held (him) down." As he proudly declares his German heritage, Wright states that "Lex Luger has nothing on (him)."

Match 2: Dean Malenko versus Eddie Guerrero


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: Great match as these two are known to develop. I like that Chavo's involvement created the finish.

TV Rating: 3.1

After the match, Eddie left the ring with an arm around a dazed Chavo's neck.

At the entrance, Okerlund interviews Mysterio who calls out Nash and the Wolfpack. Seriously? Mysterio then challenges Nash to a match TONIGHT. As Nash emerges, he accepts the challenge and mocks Mysterio.

After a commercial break, Eric Bischoff rides a motorcycle to the ring and points to the entrance. Does he think that he's a member of DoA? WCW World champion "Hollywood" Hogan joins him as Zbyszko wants to eject a fan with an anti-Zbyszko sign. While Hogan cuts a promo on Luger and Giant, he advocates his fellow nWo members in their effort to take down DDP, Luger, and Giant. He then promotes Nash in his challenge against Mysterio.

Prior to the next match, we revisit Nitro from 5/26 when Garza first hit the corkscrew plancha in WCW. Next, we revisit last week's show when he delivered it to Villano IV.

Match 3 for the WCW World TV title: Steven Regal (champion) versus Hector Garza


Rating: ***

Summary: Garza showed promise, but Regal proved his technique could conquer it.

TV Rating: 3.1

At the entrance, Okerlund interviews the Steiners. When the Steiners request a title shot, the nWo emerges, and Hall presents a contract for them. Without reading it, the Steiners sign it and leave. When Okerlund reviews the contract, he reveals that the Steiners must wrestle Chono and Muta before facing the Outsiders. Clever, but yet another booking speed bump for the Outsiders to remain champions.

  • When Calo attempted to suplex Psicosis back into the ring, Onoo tripped him causing Psicosis to land on top.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Psicosis won.
  • Rating: *

    Summary: I'll leave this one to Yoda.

    TV Rating: 3.1

    After the match, Calo attacks Psicosis until La Parka runs to the ring with a balsa wood chair. To stop Calo from continuing his attack, La Parka SHATTERS the balsa wood chair across Calo's back. Guerrera comes to the ring as Psicosis inadvertently dropkicks La Parka out of the ring. Next, Guerrera clotheslines Psicosis over the top rope to the floor. I smell a tag match.

    HOUR #2!

    Match 5: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, the “Crippler” Chris Benoit, & Steve “Mongo” McMichael (w/ Debra) versus Vicious & Delicious & Masahiro Chono (w/ Vincent)


    Rating: DUD

    Summary: More fluff than stuff even with Buff involved.

    TV Rating: 3.2

    After the match, Mongo retrieves the briefcase from Debra and WALLOPS Vincent with it.

    Video airs featuring the feud between Benoit and Kevin Sullivan. They will battle in a retirement match at Bash at the Beach '97 on 7/13.

    Match 6: Wrath & Mortis (w/ James Vandenberg) versus High Voltage


    Rating: DUD

    Summary: The pseudo-Mortal Kombat feud continues.

    TV Rating: 3.6

    Outside the arena, a white Cadillac limousine arrives but no one emerges...yet.

    Promo for Bash at the Beach '97 airs. It will be LIVE on PPV on 7/13. Order NOW!

    Lee Marshall then delivers the 1-800-COLLECT road report from “Memphis, TN." I bet if you asked Lee what a Memphis Belle was, he'd think there was a crack in it.

    Wow! It's Raven! Could he be the impact player?

    Match 7 for the WCW US title: Jeff Jarrett (champion) versus Konnan


    Rating: DUD

    Summary: Hmmm…how will the Horsemen drama turn because of this?

    TV Rating: 3.5

    After the match, the Horsemen enter the ring while Flair struts with Jarrett. Okerlund interviews Jarrett who distinguishes Flair from the other Horsemen. As Flair touts Jarrett, he relieves Jarrett of his Horseman duties much to Jarrett's disgust and dismisses him. Debra then equates Jarrett to a "skunk at a lawn party." In response, Jarrett wants to put Flair "out to pasture."

    We then revisit Nitro from 7/29/96 when Mysterio launched himself from a trailer only to get darted by Nash head-first into it. Following that, we revisit the 4/21 episode when Nash jackknife-powerbombed Mysterio.

    Match 8: WCW World tag team champion Kevin Nash versus Rey Mysterio, Jr.


    Rating: *

    Summary: As predictable as it looks on paper.

    TV Rating: 3.5

    After the match, Nash delivers a second jackknife powerbomb and nails referee Scott Dickinson. Konnan comes to the ring while Nash gives Mysterio a third jackknife powerbomb. When Konnan enters the ring, Nash leaves. Konnan then hooks a knee bar causing Mysterio to scream in pain.

    After a commercial break, Mysterio exits the ring via stretcher. Tenay then tries to interview Raven at ringside, but Raven remains stoic.

    Match 9: Diamond Dallas Page, the “Total Package” Lex Luger, & Giant (w/ Kimberly) versus “Macho Man” Randy Savage & the Outsiders (w/ Elizabeth)



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    Rating: NONE

    TV Rating: 4.1

    Conclusion: Absolutely MOLTEN ending to a great show with tons of angle development. All the hype that was bestowed upon this episode was justified. In my estimation, RAW is WAR doesn't stand a chance.

    So, what’s on RAW is WAR?

    Overall TV Rating: 3.3

    Stay tuned for RAW Is WAR 6-30-97!

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