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WWF Monday Night RAW 07-06-98

Taped from State College, PA

Airdate: July 6, 1998 (taped 06/30)

Attendance: 9,573

Hosted by Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Who will be the #1 contender? What is DX up to now? Who makes a gigantic return? What’s on Jacqueline’s mind? Are you ready for more Brawl for All? Let’s get RAW!

Opening montage.

To start the show, Undertaker emerges and enters the ring. He wants a title shot RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Backstage, Michael Cole searches for Austin and ultimately locates him. Austin sidesteps Cole and heads into the arena. After Austin joins Undertaker in the ring, Mr. McMahon interrupts from the entrance. Like a crazy promoter, he asserts control over Austin’s title defenses and opponents.

At the next PPV, Austin and Undertaker will be a tag team rather than face one another, and they will face Kane and Mankind. Since Undertaker wants to be the #1 contender, Mr. McMahon will name him later in the episode. To finish the segment, Mr. McMahon flips the bird to Austin.

Match 1 (Brawl for All): Brakus versus Savio Vega





Rating: NONE

Summary: Brakus had NO business being in this type of fight as Vega took him to school.

RAW is sponsored by WWF: The Music Volume 2 and Skittles.

Prior to the next match, we revisit King of the Ring ’98 when Shamrock made Rock submit to become King of the Ring.

Match 2: Ken Shamrock versus “Double J” Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee)


Rating: **

Summary: Jarrett held the match together well with Shamrock until the returning 1995 King of the Ring demolished him.

Speaking of demolition, King Mabel splashes Shamrock before exiting through the State College faithful. GET OUT THE SPATULA! Before the commercial break, Shamrock rises to his feet holding his ribcage.

Backstage, Cole interviews Shamrock who’s ready to face King Mabel TONIGHT.

Match 3: Vader versus Bradshaw


Rating: *

Summary: Way too short HOSS fight.

After the match, Kane chokeslams Vader while Mankind stymies Bradshaw with a Mandible claw. As Mankind subdues Bradshaw, Kane tombstones Vader. Since this match occurs two days after King of the Ring ’98, Mankind still holds his `left shoulder in agony.

Match 4: Disciples of Apocalypse (w/ “Precious” Paul Ellering) versus the Headbangers


Rating: *

Summary: Showcase match for Ellering’s new team. The State College faithful cared so much that they sought cotton candy.

SKITTLES SLAM OF THE WEEK: Austin flattens Kane with a Stone Cold Stunner to regain the WWF title. Afterward, he exacts some revenge onto Undertaker for his chicanery at the PPV.

Prior to the next match, we revisit the PPV when Brown interfered in the Severn-Rock match with a Lo Down (frog splash assisted by a chest protector) to Severn.

Match 5: D’Lo Brown (w/ the Godfather) versus Terry Funk


Rating: *

Summary: Lots of high-flying, but shenanigans from the NoD allowed Brown to win.

Following the match, Undertaker saunters toward the ring and chokeslams Godfather and Brown consecutively. Funk barely reaches his feet until Undertaker chokeslams him too.

This episode is nothing like last week’s.


Mr. McMahon approaches the ring and invites Mankind, Kane, and Undertaker to join him complete with separate entrances. As he polls the State College faithful about Mankind, Mr. McMahon thanks him for his PPV performance. Afterward, he calls Kane “stupid” for accepting Austin’s rematch last week. He turns his attention to Undertaker but informs the trio that, “in this very ring,” they will compete in a triple-threat match. Get accustomed to that phrase, folks.

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Match 6 (Brawl for All): Road Warrior Hawk versus Darren Drosdov





Rating: NONE

Summary: Cleaner fight than I thought it would be, but these guys are friends.

“Marvelous” Marc Mero and Jacqueline emerge, and the State College faithful taunt them with a “Sab-le” chant. As Jacqueline grabs the microphone, she takes “full responsibility” for Mero’s loss against Blackman last week. She states that on the night prior to the match, she and Mero “went 12 rounds” together weakening him. Next, she accuses Sable of having “no motor under (that) hood.”

Sable comes out to a raucous ovation and refutes Jacqueline’s claims. Instead, she metaphorically runs down Mero and accuses him of using Viagra. Jacqueline defends her body, but Sable raises the question of promiscuity. Angry, Jacqueline calls her a “skank” and challenges her to a bikini contest. Despite being fully dressed, Jacqueline’s high beams were on.

JVC KABOOM OF THE WEEK: Undertaker’s chokeslam of Mankind through the roof of the Cell is shown.

Prior to the next match, we revisit last week when Venis “remained undefeated” (per JR) against Togo.

Match 7: Val Venis versus Dustin Runnels


Rating: DUD

Summary: Runnels, without his Goldust character, doesn’t have any sizzle, so the match felt flat.

Afterward, Kaientai triple-teams Venis, and Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi stroll toward the ring. Mens Teioh plants Venis with a DDT, and Dick Togo mounts the top turnbuckle before unloading a senton bomb. Mr. Yamaguchi grabs a microphone, runs down Venis, and slaps him. Mrs. Yamaguchi shows concern for Venis.

In case you’re wondering, Peacock removed the next segment.

***For those of you who are offended by blackface, please feel free to fast-forward. ***

DX NATION PARODY: Instead of parading to the ring to Chris Warren’s music, they impersonate the Nation of Domination. HHH (Crock) is dressed like Rock. Road Dog (B-Lo) is supposed to be Brown. Gunn is dressed like Godfather. X-Pac (Mizark) is dressed like Henry with blackface. Do yourself a favor and don’t look up the colloquial definition of Mizark. Lastly, Jason Sensation is dressed like Owen with a false nose.

HHH uses bathroom humor at Rock’s expense. Meanwhile, Road Dog acts ridiculous. He lays down on the mat, and HHH almost performs the People’s Elbow. Following that, HHH mocks Rock’s sexual prowess, and Road Dog eats it up. “Owen” performs a dead-on Owen impression and ridicules his outfit and nose. Mizark curses and mocks Henry’s rather large appetite. As Crock runs down Mizark’s physique, he tells the NoD to “suck it.”

HOT TAKE: Offensive, tasteless garbage that had NO BUSINESS being on WWF TV. DX continues to look like asses in plain sight. I’m quite surprised that they got over with this bullshit.

***For those of you who fast-forwarded, you may resume here.***

Match 8: Ken Shamrock versus King Mabel


Rating: *

Summary: Clever way to get Mabel off his feet so that Shamrock could win.

After the match, Shamrock won’t release the hold until WWF officials stop him. Shamrock pounds on Mabel before shooing Commissioner Slaughter from the ring.

Mr. McMahon and Paul Bearer approach the ring, and Mr. McMahon joins the broadcast table. Abruptly, Austin emerges to a thunderous ovation much to Mr. McMahon’s dismay. He flips off Mr. McMahon and joins the broadcast table on the opposite side from Mr. McMahon.

Match 9: Kane versus Mankind versus Undertaker


Rating: DUD

Summary: You cannot seriously tell me that was the main event. There’s more to this, right?

Following the match, Kane rips off the mask to reveal…Undertaker.

Conclusion: While the seeds were planted for the next PPV, this episode was T-R-A-S-H. Obviously, Mankind was in no condition to perform two days after KOTR ’98. Undertaker’s disguise fooled most folks, but everyone already knew that the money match was Austin versus Undertaker.

The less said about the DX parody the better, but the rest of the episode was terrible filler.

Could it finally overcome Nitro in the ratings?

TV Rating: 4.0

Who won? Fuck no. Goldberg versus Hogan was can’t-miss TV, and RAW suffered for it. Taped RAWs have got to be more entertaining than this episode.

The only saving grace for the WWF might be this news nugget: TNT launched a new west coast feed on July 1.

That means that Nitro will no longer air at 5pm PT. Instead, it will air at 8pm PT while RAW starts at 9pm PT. The appeal of Nitro at 5pm PT was that it ran unopposed for three hours on the west coast, so since it’ll be head-to-head nationwide, the WWF might be able to take advantage of it.

Stay tuned for WCW Thunder 07-08-98!

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