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WWF Monday Night RAW 06-29-98

Live from Cleveland, OH

Airdate: June 29, 1998

Attendance: 16,505 (sold out)

Hosted by Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

How will the WWF follow up one of its hottest PPVs? What will the new King do? Who makes a debut? Who makes a return? And what’s this new tournament? Zone in on this episode because you won’t regret it.

Opening montage.

Mr. McMahon along with Commissioner Slaughter and Gerald Brisco approaches the ring. While the Cleveland faithful showers him with “Aus-tin” chants, McMahon crows about the NEW WWF champion--Kane!

As Kane and Paul Bearer join everyone in the ring, Bearer sings about being #1. McMahon wraps the WWF championship belt around Kane’s waist. Abruptly, Austin stomps his way to the ring with a wild reaction from the Cleveland faithful. He complains that “big son of a bitch never busted me open,” insults McMahon’s shoes, and demands a rematch TONIGHT.

McMahon stammers, so Austin calls him on it. When Austin polls the Cleveland faithful about a rematch, they reply “Hell Yeah.” McMahon acquiesces to Bearer about the rematch, and Austin calls Bearer a “fat ass.” While Bearer passes the decision over to him, Kane looks at him incredulously. Austin berates him for being handed the title, so Kane nods his approval. What a main event!

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Prior to the first match, Sable comes to the ring in a leather outfit. Yowza! She introduces…

Holy coat of arms, Batman! It’s Lord Steven Regal! Oops, he’s not a Lord in the WWF.

Match 1: Steven Regal versus Puke Darren Drosdov


Rating: *

Summary: Without any previous vignettes, Regal storms into the WWF on a whimper because most WWF fans don’t watch WCW. Hopefully, Regal makes the most of his tenure in the WWF.

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In the ring, Michael Cole interviews the 1998 King of the Ring—Ken Shamrock. First, he puts over the WWF for the King of the Ring tournament. Second, he salutes the Rock for being “a true champion and…warrior.”

Suddenly, Owen interrupts him and claims to be a better king than Shamrock. He challenges Shamrock who accepts. In case you needed another interruption, HHH along with Chyna joins the discussion and proposes a triple-threat match to be the “King of Kings.” In his own way, Shamrock’s ready.

POINT OF ORDER: Vince Russo, member of the creative team, created the Brawl for All due to Bradshaw’s big mouth regarding beating everyone in the locker room up. In case you’re unaware, it’s a boxing-wrestling match with up to three one-minute rounds and judged on a point system barring knockouts:

  1. Most points in a round = 5 points
  2. Takedown = 5 points
  3. Knockdown = 10 points

Match 2 (Brawl for All): “Marvelous” Marc Mero (w/o Jacqueline) versus Steve Blackman





Rating: NONE

Summary: COLOSSAL.WASTE.OF.TIME. Blackman advanced.

Backstage, Kevin Kelly stands outside Kane’s dressing room and states that Kane will describe “in his own words” why he accepted the rematch.

SKITTLES SLAM OF THE WEEK: Chyna DDTs Owen to help X-Pac defeat him last night at KOTR ’98.

In the locker room, Kelly interviews Kane who, with help from a voicebox stimulator, calls himself a “greater champion than (his) brother.”

Before the next match begins, Venis chases Yamaguchi away and notices a very attractive woman in the front row. JR informs us that she’s Mrs. Yamaguchi. I smell drama.

Match 3: Val Venis versus Dick Togo (w/ Mr. Yamaguchi)


Rating: **

Summary: Change of attitude by Dustin Runnels notwithstanding, this was a showcase match for Venis.

Afterward, Venis puts the moves on Mrs. Yamaguchi until Mr. Yamaguchi steps in. Mr. Yamaguchi nails Venis who shrugs it off and shoves him down. Teioh and Funaki arrive to save their manager’s bacon, but Venis CROWNS them with chair shots.


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Back in the locker room, Cole interviews Austin who’s still PISSED OFF about getting busted open by Undertaker last night.

Match 4 (triple threat): Owen Hart versus HHH (w/ Chyna) versus Ken Shamrock


Rating: ***

Summary: Constant action from bell-to-bell, but interference from Rock made the difference. Although HHH would go on to use “King of Kings” as one of his monikers, Shamrock being the “King of Kings” is the answer to a trivia question somewhere.

After the match, Owen nails Shamrock from behind, and DX jumps Rock at the entrance. The NoD intervenes, and chaos ensues. As Owen applies a ring post figure-four to Shamrock, referee Mike Chioda and other officials stop the madness.

In the ring, Cole interviews Undertaker who explains that he didn’t want Kane to set himself on fire last night; therefore, he purposely busted Austin open. McMahon interrupts to manipulate him but warns not to interfere in tonight’s main event.

JVC KABOOM OF THE WEEK: Mankind’s “leap of faith” from last night was shown.

Match 5 (Brawl for All): Bradshaw versus Mark Canterbury





Rating: NONE

Summary: More wasted time as Bradshaw advanced.

The Road Warriors approach the ring without Sunny. As Animal grabs a microphone, he introduces their NEW manager--“Precious” Paul Ellering. Upon Ellering’s entrance, Disciples of Apocalypse join them at ringside. Ellering touts DoA as his “new team” who attack the dejected Road Warriors. We have a SWERVE.

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Backstage, Kelly interviews Undertaker who simply states: “Nobody tells (him) what to do.”

Match 6 for the WWF title: Kane (champion w/ Paul Bearer) versus Stone Cold Steve Austin


Rating: ***

Summary: With WCW preparing a show in Atlanta next week, the WWF got the jump by pulling a ratings grabber this week. To say the Cleveland faithful came unglued would be unfair to glue.

Afterward, Undertaker steps into the ring but gets distracted by Bearer. Austin flattens Undertaker with a Stunner while JR calls it “payback” for last night. Both Undertaker and Kane sit up simultaneously as Austin celebrates in the aisle to a jubilant reaction.

EXTRA ATTITUDE: Kane and Undertaker battle in the ring, and Undertaker chokeslams him. Upon exiting the ring, Undertaker decimates Bearer with a single punch. Bearer cries in dismay over the defeat.

Conclusion: Ratings-grabber or not, the main event has historical value as Austin becomes a two-time WWF champion. Unfathomably, Ellering returns to the WWF only to swerve the Road Warriors. Shamrock stands tall winning the “King of Kings” match while the Brawl for All tournament stinks up the Gund Arena. Meanwhile, Venis meets a possible mate, and Regal makes his WWF debut. Top to bottom, minus the toughman crap, this is a solid show that should not be missed.

Could it overcome Nitro in the ratings?

TV Rating: 5.36 (Wow!)

Who won? As JR would say, you’re damn right. RAW annihilated Nitro with 1.2 to spare. I’m curious how a taped RAW will compete against a live Nitro in Atlanta. What could possibly happen?

Stay tuned for WCW Thunder 07-02-98!

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