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WWF Monday Night RAW 06-08-98

Taped from Rockford, IL

Airdate: June 8, 1998 (taped 06/02)

Attendance: 8,000

Hosted by Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Kevin Kelly, & Jerry “The King” Lawler

What does McMahon have up his sleeve for Austin tonight? Who will win KOTR qualifiers? How will DX offend everyone tonight? What’s going through Undertaker’s mind? Relax and enjoy something RAW!

JR narrates a video tribute to the late Junkyard Dog.

Opening montage.

Mr. McMahon alongside Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco emerge wearing tuxedos. As they enter the ring, the Rockford faithful chants “Au-stin.” He touts RAW for winning the ratings last week albeit subtly, will be honored as the “humanitarian of the year,” and extends “an olive branch” a.k.a invitation) to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Prior to the first match, we revisit last week when Shamrock disrupted the six-man elimination match.

Match 1 (KOTR qualifier): Ken Shamrock versus Kama (w/ the Nation of Domination)


Rating: **

Summary: Solid psychology in this abbreviated match.

After the match, D’Lo Brown storms the ring to attack Shamrock. Severn joins the fray and sends Brown packing. A limping Shamrock locks eyes with Severn who exits without incident.

We see highlights from the house show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. While the show was a sellout with 19,506 in attendance, the next show at MSG will be Summerslam ’98 on 8/30. That one might be quite good.

DX IN NYC PART I: First, they racial-profile an Asian man with Godzilla. Second, they racial-profile an Asian woman about the same thing.. Now even I’m offended. Third, they encounter a New Yorker who bullshits them about buying tickets already. Amateurs. Fourth, they distract an NYPD officer to give a DX crotch-chop. Crimes? What crimes? Fifth, take a drink.

Sixth, HHH racial-profiles a man of Middle Eastern descent at a newsstand. Seventh, they tease a tourist about looking like Ted Turner. Eighth, DX commits sexual harassment against a young female. Ninth, some New Yorkers pose while yelling “suck it.” I see the WWF is teaching the youth of America about true American values.

RAW is WAR is sponsored by Starburst, WWF: The Music Volume 2, and Super Soaker.

Match 2: “Marvelous” Marc Mero & “Double J” Jeff Jarrett (w/ Jacqueline & Tennessee Lee) versus Faarooq & Steve Blackman


Rating: *

Summary: More storyline than match as Jarrett and Mero will face one another in the next round of the KOTR tournament.

After the match, Tennessee Lee PITCHES A FIT to Mero and Jacqueline causing Mero to shield her ears.

DX IN NYC PART II: Tenth, Road Dog is amazed at the plethora of adult entertainment in the Big Apple. Rookie. Eleventh, Road Dog stakes his claim at an Irish pub. Twelfth, HHH offer to shoot an NYPD officer’s gun, or something like that. Thirteenth, they encounter fans on the street, and a pair share an abdominal stretch on the sidewalk. Kinky! Fourteenth, they racial-profile another store owner. Fifteenth, Road Dog FINALLY says something funny when he tells the NYPD officers in a patrol car: “The body was dead when I got there.” Sixteenth, they harass a Sikh man. Crotch-chopping in midtown Manhattan ensues. This is low-brow entertainment to the nth degree.

DX IN NYC PART III: Seventeenth, DX rides a double-decker tourist bus while HHH yells down a manhole for his friends. That sums it up perfectly. Eighteenth, they racial-profile a taxi driver. Nineteenth, they unfathomably assist an older woman across the street. Twentieth, they tease a New Yorker who sought adult entertainment on his lunch break. Like that’s something new or awkward. Twenty-first, they encourage a female tourist to bare her breasts. Of course, the content is CENSORED. Parents, keep your kids away from this, or some in-school and out-of-school suspensions will arise.

Match 3 (KOTR qualifier): Owen Hart (w/ the Nation of Domination) versus Too Cold Scorpio


Rating: ***

Summary: Psychology and high-flying were the name of the game here, and it delivered quite well.

TV Rating: 3.8

Backstage, Undertaker FINALLY SHOWS UP FOR WORK. Anyone else doing this would have been fired.

During the commercial break, Undertaker shoves a security guard aside to enter Mr. McMahon’s office. With no one inside, Undertaker moves along. So should we.

Match 4: Chainz versus Puke


Rating: DUD

Summary: Mere back drop for the ensuing angle.

After the match, Undertaker approaches the ring and chokeslams Chainz. Stupidly, Puke stands up and suffers the same fate. Rookie! Undertaker tosses both wrestlers out of the ring and yells “I want McMahon.” I want a million dollars, but do you see it here?

McMahon appears on the Titantron with Brisco, Patterson, George Martin, and Darnell Autry. Undertaker exits the ring to hunt them down.

DX arrives and heads to the ring. While X-Pac riles up the Rockford faithful, HHH goes through his normal spiel. Road Dog does his NAO schtick to a great reaction. Gunn, of course, requests the Rockford faithful to “suck it.” Before HHH can cut a promo on the NoD, the Road Warriors’ music interrupts him.

Sunny leads the Road Warriors to the ring amid HHH’s objections. As Animal demands a title shot, HHH grants it. Suddenly, DoA rides to the ring, and HHH asks the proverbial question: “How many microphones does the WWF own?” HA!

Nonetheless, Skull swears like a sailor while yelling at the Road Warriors. To determine who should get a title shot, HHH advises both the Road Warriors and DoA to “suck it.” Commissioner Slaughter meanders into the ring and declares a triple-threat match between the Road Warriors, DoA, and NAO.

Backstage, the Undertaker has LOST HIS DAMN MIND and throws any- and everything around.


Vignette for Edge airs. Is he the new Glacier?

Match 5: Vader versus Mark Henry


Rating: **

Summary: Hoss match if there ever was one; unfortunately, Undertaker spoiled what could have been a big moment for Henry.

Afterward, Vader suffers the same fate, and the Rockford faithful appreciates it. Undertaker yells for McMahon before leaving.

Video featuring Mero kicking Sable to the curb airs.

Prior to the next match, we revisit earlier tonight when Brown tried to save Kama from Shamrock, but Severn evened the odds to rescue Shamrock.

Match 6 (KOTR qualifier): D’Lo Brown versus Dan “The Beast” Severn


Rating: DUD

Summary: Brown was simply overmatched here.

After the match, Owen storms the ring and clocks Severn with a spinning heel kick. Is that the only move he can sell? Owen blasts Severn with rights until Shamrock hobbles to the ring. He chases Owen away from ringside and through the Rockford faithful.

Video tribute for Sable airs. Somehow, I don’t believe she’s gone for good.

Earlier today, Austin met with Martin and Autry. I wonder if he offered them Steveweisers.

Prior to the next match, Venis grabs the microphone and makes a Dennis Rodman joke. Isn’t he on the other channel?

Match 7: Val Venis versus Dustin Runnels


Rating: **

Summary: Decent affair until the bogus finish.

TV Rating: 4.2

Afterward, Undertaker chokeslams Venis followed by Runnels, and the Rockford faithful rejoices.

WWF SLAM JAM: Dok Hendrix attempts to make an announcement until DX interferes with Super Soaker. Hijinks ensue.

King of the Ring ’98 will be LIVE on PPV on 6/28. Order NOW!

Prior to the main event, Undertaker confronts Slaughter backstage and beats him up. What a role model.

Match 8 for the WWF tag team titles (triple-threat): New Age Outlaws (champions w/ DX) versus the Road Warriors (w/ Sunny) versus Disciples of Apocalypse


Rating: *

Summary: Convoluted mess with a cheap outcome so that the NAO remain champions.

Backstage, Rockford PD arrives, and Al Snow with Head joins the broadcast table. To celebrate the occasion, Snow wore a tuxedo t-shirt. Insulted, security removes Snow from ringside.

Mr. McMahon, Brisco, and Patterson return to the ring as Rockford PD marches backstage. With Rockford PD cornering the onery Undertaker, Kevin Kelly introduces Stone Cold Steve Austin. In true Austin fashion, he wears his customary vest and shorts but adds a black necktie. HA!

While JR and Lawler talk over the ENTIRE segment, George Martin acknowledges McMahon’s less-than-promised contribution and presents him as Humanitarian of the Year. Next, he notes that his favorite wrestler is Austin.

Darnell Autry presents McMahon with a plaque for Humanitarian of the Year but realizes that McMahon has never made a financial contribution. Like Martin, Autry’s favorite “superstar” is Austin.

As McMahon begins his speech, he accepts his accolades. Afterward, McMahon babbles, yet Austin lifts his money clip from him to steal some cash. Austin counts out $1200, insults McMahon for being a cheapskate, and donates the money to Autry’s charity.

To Undertaker’s music, druids carry a casket toward the ring. Mankind sneaks out from under the ring, and Kane emerges from the coffin. While they double-team Austin, McMahon is euphoric. Austin gets dumped into the casket, and an elated Kane sets the ring posts on fire to end this dreck.

Conclusion: Smartly, the WWF held Austin’s appearance until the “main event.” Much like Nitro, the show ends with an angle rather than a match. Sadly, this episode is pathetic and not worth your time.

Could it finally overcome Nitro in the ratings?

Final TV Rating: 4.26

Who won? With Hogan all over Nitro, the resounding answer is YES. WCW had its opportunity to steal this week’s crown due to RAW’s taped show; however, they blew it BIG TIME.

Stay tuned for WCW Thunder 06-11-98!

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