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How Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty got launched into the wrestling stratosphere

If you’ve never seen this match before, you’re in for a treat.

Match 1 for the AWA World tag team titles: “Playboy” Buddy Rose & “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers (champions w/ Sherri Martel) versus the Midnight Rockers


Rating: ***

Summary: This wasn’t a wrestling match. Instead, it was a WILD bloody brawl that made the Midnight Rockers not only as the champs’ biggest rivals but also the heartthrobs of the promotion.

After the match, the champs double-team the bloody Michaels, and Somers flattens DeRusha while ejecting Warren from the ring. The babyface locker room empties to separate the teams. As Michaels locates Jannetty on the floor, he jumps atop him to protect him.

Michaels then sees Rose and jumps over the ringside steps to brawl with him. Greg Gagne separates them while Michaels’ blood lands on the camera lens. Martel helps a bloodied Somers back to the heel dressing room while the babyfaces try to get the exhausted Michaels to his feet.

Ring announcer Larry Nelson interviews Gagne who claims that Rose broke Jannetty’s ribs with the banquet chair. He also claims that he’s never seen anything like this match before.

Conclusion: If you ever needed to hook either a young man or woman on pro wrestling back in the 80s, this match would do it. There was excitement from bell to bell, a great story told, and a yearning for more matches in the future.

Rose may no longer be with us, but I certainly hope that Jannetty and especially Michaels went out of their way to thank him for making them superstars.

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