WWF In Your House XVIII: Badd Blood

Live from St. Louis, MO

Airdate: October 5, 1997

Attendance: 21,151 (17,404 paid)

Hosted by Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Will Undertaker break Michaels into a million pieces? Who will win the vacant Intercontinental title? Can the Headbangers survive the stench from the Godwinns? Let’s find out!

**BREAKING NEWS** Earlier today, Brian Pillman was found deceased in his hotel room in Bloomington, MN. Ultimately, it was determined that he died from a heart attack due to arteriosclerotic disease. As a result, his matches against Dude Love and Goldust will be canceled. RIP “Loose Cannon” 1962-1997.

Prior to the first match, we revisit RAW is WAR from three weeks ago when Faarooq inadvertently injured Ken Shamrock with a spinebuster.

Match 1 (handicap): The Nation of Domination versus the Road Warriors


Rating: ***

Summary:  Solid opener where the NoD used chicanery to gain victory.

Backstage, Dok Hendrix and Sunny plug the WWF Superstar Line.

Match 2 (dwarf): Max Mini & Nova versus Tarantula & Mosaic


Rating: *½

Summary:  Sometimes a bit sloppy and rushed. Some comedic spots would have been good. Due to the circumstances surrounding the show, this match was planned at the last minute and thus poorly-organized.

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Match 3 for the WWF tag team titles: The Headbangers (champions) versus the Godwinns (w/ Uncle Cletus)


Rating: **

Summary: The tag formula plus some unique tag team continuity by the Headbangers highlighted a match where the St. Louis faithful sought popcorn and possibly some easy-drinkin' Busch LIght.

After the match, the Godwinns and Cletus DESTROY the Headbangers while the St. Louis faithful clamors for the Road Warriors. When ring announcer Howard Finkel mentions that if the Godwinns don’t leave the ring, they’ll lose their newly-won titles, Henry flips his lid.

Video featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin airs. We then revisit RAW is WAR from last Monday when Vince provided Austin with three options.

Back in the locker room, Michael Cole interviews Owen who’s ready for Austin to crown him the new Intercontinental champion.

In the ring, Ross presides over a St. Louis legends segment. First, he introduces “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” Gene Kiniski. Second, he honors Jack Brisco. Third, Ross welcomes Dory Funk, Jr. Fourth, he brings out Harley Race. Fifth, Ross celebrates Terry Funk. Lastly, he heralds the introduction of promoter Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz.

Backstage, Hendrix interviews Faarooq with the NoD.

Match 4 for the WWF Intercontinental title (final): Owen Hart versus Faarooq


Rating: ½*

Summary: This match was all about Austin rather than the competitors. Considering how close both Owen and Austin were to Pillman, the right decision was to concentrate on the storyline instead of the match.

Immediately afterward, Austin tosses the title belt into the ring. I’m certain he wants to be the #1 contender to the title based upon his actions.

We then revisit RAW is WAR from last Monday when the Hart Foundation quadruple-teamed Vader and Patriot.

Match 5 (eight-man): Disciples of Apocalypse versus Los Boricuas


Rating: **

Summary: Definitely not a crisp technical matchup but nothing worthwhile either.

Backstage, Cole interviews Bret and Smith. While Bret spouts nationalism, Smith screwed up his promo.

After Bret and Smith make their entrance, Hendrix interviews Vader and Patriot. Vader refers to Bret’s “best there is” catchphrase as “bullshit.” Methinks he might be in hot water after that one.

Match 6 (flag): WWF champion Bret “Hitman” Hart & the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith versus Vader & Patriot


Rating: ***

Summary: While I realize the timing of the show had to be altered at the last minute due to unfortunate circumstances, this match lasted too long to maintain a healthy crowd response. In effect, the result was anticlimactic.

After the match, Patriot pummels Bret until the heels flee.

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Backstage, Hendrix interviews Michaels along with Helmsley, Chyna, and Rude. Michaels claims to be the showstopper, the headliner, the icon, and the main event. I hope he gets a good deal on business cards.

Prior to the main event, a video featuring Michaels airs.

Match 7 (Hell in a Cell/non-title): WWF European champion the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels versus Undertaker


Rating: *****

Summary: Best cage match in WWF history to this point. The story told within the match flowed beautifully as Undertaker tried to exact revenge against Michaels. On the other hand, Kane finally debuted and ruined Undertaker’s opportunity. Michaels will challenge for the WWF title at Survivor Series ‘97.

After the match, Helmsley and Chyna assist Michaels with assistance from Rude. Undertaker remained OUT COLD in the ring.

Conclusion:  Needless to say, but this is a ONE MATCH SHOW, and that match DELIVERED. Definitely check out the main event and ignore the rest of the show.

Buyrate: 0.60

Stay tuned for WCW Monday Nitro 10-6-97!

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