NWA Clash of the Champions XVI: Fall Brawl

Live from Augusta, GA

Airdate: September 5, 1991

Attendance: 2,800

Hosted by Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone

The World tag team titles are up for grabs! Also, what happens during the contract signing for the World title match at Halloween Havoc? Read on!

On the ramp, Eric Bischoff stands alongside Missy Hyatt and Uncle Paul. Hyatt's excited to interview Luger while Uncle Paul's ready to grill Ron Simmons.

Not like that!

My apologies, Dr. Lecter.

Match 1 (Georgia brawl/battle royal):


“Stunning” Steve Austin (w/ Lady Blossom), “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, Big Josh, El Gigante, One Man Gang, Oz, Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, "Rapmaster" PN News, Ranger Ross, Dustin Rhodes, Thomas Rich, Tracy Smothers, Terrance Taylor, Barry Windham, Z-Man


Rating: NONE

Summary: Nothing to write home about.

Match 2 (semi-final for the Light Heavyweight title tournament): “Flyin’” Brian Pillman versus Badstreet (w/ the Freebirds)


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: Great match that made the light heavyweight division look strong.

WCW Top 10:

World champion: Lex Luger

  1. Sting
  2. Ron Simmons
  3. Barry Windham
  4. El Gigante
  5. Steve Austin
  6. Dustin Rhodes
  7. One Man Gang
  8. Diamond Studd
  9. Z-Man
  10. Bobby Eaton

Prior to the next match, we revisit World Championship Wrestling when Sting opened a gift box. Abdullah the Butcher was inside and promptly attacked Sting (aired 8/24, taped 8/5).

Match 3 (non-title): WCW US champion Sting versus Johnny B. Badd (w/ Teddy Long)


Rating: **

Summary: More angle than match as you will see.

After the match, Cactus Jack explodes from the gift box to attack Sting. When Sting seeks refuge outside the ring, Cactus Jack mounts the second turnbuckle and hits a Cactus elbow over the broadcast table. Back in the ring, he gives Sting a double-arm DDT before Rhodes, Eaton, and Josh rescue Sting.

Match 4 (semi-final for the Light Heavyweight title tournament): Richard Morton (w/ Alexandra York) versus Mike Graham


Rating: *

Summary: Compared to the other semi-final, this seemed antiquated and slow.

After a commercial break, Ross shills the September issue of WCW Magazine.

In the ring, Eric Bischoff interviews Bill Kazmaier who will attempt to bend a ¾" steel beam around his head to set a new World record. As he completes the feat, the Enforcers attack him from behind with a 45lb steel plate. As they run for cover, Rick Steiner comes out to aid his partner.

Match 5 (non-title): WCW US tag team champions the Freebirds versus the Patriots


Rating: *1/2

Summary: This match was necessary because the Freebirds had already lost to the Patriots on 8/12. However, the title change aired on 9/7.

After a commercial break, Uncle Paul interviews Cactus Jack in the ring. Cactus Jack wants to celebrate the end of Sting's career as another gift box comes down the aisle. When Cactus Jack opens the box, Sting emerges and backdrops him on the ramp. He then hip-tosses Cactus Jack off the ramp onto the concrete floor. OUCH! Next, Sting pulls him back to the ramp for a standing dropkick. Cactus Jack then grabs a trash can and nails Sting with it. While officials separate them, Sting gains some revenge with the trash can.

Prior to the next match, we witness the retirement of Simmons' football jersey at Florida State University. Following that, a pre-recorded video features FSU football coach Bobby Bowden supporting Simmons.

Match 6: The Diamond Studd versus the "All-American" Ron Simmons


Rating: *

Summary: Showcase match for #1 contender to the World title.

In the ring, Uncle Paul interviews Simmons who's ready for Halloween Havoc. While Simmons cuts a promo on Luger, Harley Race and Mr. Hughes come to the ring. Simmons then exits the ring to pursue Luger.

Match 7: Terrance Taylor (w/ Alexandra York) versus Van Hammer


Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for the newcomer.

Back in the locker room, Hyatt interviews Luger with Race. Suddenly, Simmons knocks on the door. Luger comes to the door and shoves Simmons out of the room. Simmons then breaks down the door. While a group of babyfaces remove Simmons, the segment ends. The less Hyatt the better is the way I like it.

Match 8 for the WCW World TV title: “Stunning” Steve Austin (champion w/ Lady Blossom) versus Z-Man


Rating: ½*

Summary: With the exception of a couple of moments, these guys phoned it in BIG TIME.

After the match, Blossom retrieves the object and stores it in her ample cleavage. Woohoo!

Prior to the next match, a video featuring Simmons at the Atlanta Boys' Club airs. Next, Simmons accompanies one hundred-fifty boys from the Boys' Club to the Omni to see him wrestle.

At the entrance, Bischoff moderates a "press conference" to sign the contract for the World title match at Halloween Havoc. While Simmons has his wife and Dusty Rhodes seated next to him, Luger emerges with Race and Hughes. Simmons then signs the contract, and Luger follows suit. Afterward, an overconfident Luger suggestively offers him a position on his team post-match--chauffeur. An angry and offended Simmons then physically assaults Luger while WCW security tries to separate them. As they climb into a white limousine, Luger, Race, and Hughes avoid an oncoming and enraged Simmons.

We then revisit World Championship Wrestling when Steiner and Kazmaier defeated One Man Gang and Executioner in the semifinals (aired 8/17, taped 8/6). Next, we fast-forward to the following week when the Enforcers defeated the Patriots (aired 8/24, taped 8/6). Afterward, we revisit the earlier segment when the Enforcers attacked Kazmaier.

Match 9 (final for the WCW World tag team titles): The Enforcers versus Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier


Rating: ½*

Summary: Rushed match with a predictable finish.

After the match, Ross and Schiavone interview the new World tag champions.

Conclusion: While the main event is technically historic, thes show minus the Pillman-Badstreet match genuinely stunk. Since the hype for Halloween Havoc was its purpose, the execution of some angles could have been better. Unless you're a HUGE Arn Anderson fan, I'd skip this show.

See you for WCW Halloween Havoc '91!

Rating: 3.70

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