NWA Battle of the Belts II

Live from Orlando, FL

Airdate: February 14, 1986

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Gordon Solie and Mike Graham

Prior to the first match, Solie shills the latest copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated with the Road Warriors on the cover.

Match 1 for the NWA Bahamas title: Tyree Pride (champion) versus Ron Slinker


Rating: *1/2

Summary: Short, effective match to wake up the crowd.

Backstage, Buddy Colt interviews Pride.

Match 2 for the NWA Florida title: Kendall Windham (champion) versus Rocky Iaukea


Rating: *1/2

Summary: This victory builds more momentum for the young champion.

Backstage, Colt interviews Kendall who thanks his father (Blackjack Mulligan) and his brother for his success.

Match 3 for the NWA Junior Heavyweight title: Denny Brown (champion) versus the White Ninja


Rating: **

Summary: Mutoh was only 23 years old here and just beginning to blossom as a star in pro wrestling.

After the match, the White Ninja is frustrated since it appears the toss was unintentional.

Match 4 for the NWA Southern title: Jesse “Bulldog” Barr (champion) versus Lex Luger (w/ Hiro Matsuda)


Rating: **1/2

Summary: Luger was greener than a John Deere lawnmower here, but Barr got a decent match out of him. Having said that, this match could have gone either way. On the replay, Luger pulled Barr’s leg off the ropes before the pinfall completes.

Backstage, Colt interviews the NEW Southern champion with Matsuda. The latter feels that Luger is ready for the World title. That’s putting the cart before the horse in my eyes.

Match 5 ($20,000 bounty): “Chief” Wahoo McDaniel versus Bruiser Brody (w/ Gary Hart)


Rating: *

Summary: This was a hardcore match before hardcore became cool. Your mileage may vary on the rating.

After the match, both men brawl in the aisle until Owens keeps McDaniel at bay. No bounty will be paid tonight.

Backstage, Colt interviews Ellering. The latter astutely illustrates how tough his team is. Animal has the golden spike that belongs to Sullivan and his group. A graphic mistakenly labels the Road Warriors as NWA tag team champions; however, the Midnight Express are actually the NWA World tag team champions. Mulligan vows that “the devil will get his due.”

Match 6 (six-man): The Road Warriors & Blackjack Mulligan (w/ “Precious” Paul Ellering) versus Kevin Sullivan, the Purple Haze, and Maya Singh (w/ King Curtis, Luna Vachon, & minions)


Rating: ***

Summary: Chaotic brawl that had the Orlando faithful on the edge of its seat. My guess is that this feud will continue on the house show circuit since it wasn’t finished here.

After a commercial break, Solie interviews “Superstar” Billy Graham at ringside. He’s ready for a tag match tomorrow night in Lakeland with McDaniel against Sullivan and his “family.”

Colt interviews NWA World champion Flair. The latter is wearing the big gold belt and cuts a great promo. He cements his promo by referring to himself as “the greatest wrestler alive today.”

Match 7 for the NWA World title: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (champion) versus Barry Windham


Rating: ****1/2

Summary: Wow! A 45-minute classic between these two is truly a gem. Get all this!

Battle of the Belts II was sponsored by Dr. Pepper.

Conclusion: With this show containing a young Muta loss, a young Luger victory, and a 45-minute classic between Barry Windham and Ric Flair, I have to give this show a big thumbs-up.

See you for WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event V!

TV Rating: N/A

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