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WCW Bash at the Beach ‘98

Live from San Diego, CA

Airdate: July 12, 1998

Attendance: 10,095 (9,031 paid, sold out)

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, “Iron” Mike Tenay, & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Can DDP and Malone defeat Hogan and Rodman, or will they double-dribble? How will Goldberg fare in his first televised World title defense against Hennig? Will Booker T retain against the wily Hitman? What happens during the Raven/Saturn encounter? What’s up with Jericho? Will this PPV beat the buzzer?

Kris Jenkins Game Winner GIFfrom Ncaa GIFs

At the entrance, “Mean” Gene Okerlund shills the WCW hotline. Call NOW!

Match 1: Raven (w/ the Flock) versus Saturn


Rating: ***½

Summary: Creative and properly executed hardcore match with interference that enabled Raven to score the W.

At the entrance, Okerlund interviews Eddie who cuts a promo on Chavo. He’s ready to not only beat the remainder of his nephew following his encounter with Stevie Ray but also “shave his head.”

Match 2: Juventud Guerrera versus Kidman (w/ Lodi)


Rating: ****

Summary: Amazing chemistry between the two, but they couldn’t generate much of a buzz from the crowd.

Back at the wcwwrestling.com desk, “Stagger” Lee Marshall interviews Konnan. Log on NOW!

Match 3: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. versus Stevie Ray


Rating: DUD

Summary: Mere mind games for Chavo as he wanted to save his energy for his uncle.

After the match, Chavo grabs the microphone again, and Eddie is frustrated beyond belief.

Match 4 (hair versus hair): Chavo Guerrero, Jr. versus Eddie Guerrero


Rating: ***

Summary: Eddie outwitted his nephew to steal the victory.

Following the match, Robinson obtains the electric razor from ringside and gives it to Eddie. Robinson sets up a chair, but Chavo intercepts the razor. Instead of cutting Eddie’s hair, Chavo shaves his own head. He maniacally teases Eddie while continuing to shave his head bald.

Prior to the next match, Wright grabs the microphone and speaks German. Disco takes over, and the Dancing Fools mock Konnan…terribly. When the Wolfpack infiltrates the ring, Nash offers some “words,” and Konnan speaks Spanish and offers his catchphrases.

Match 5: Konnan (w/ Kevin Nash & Lex Luger) versus Disco Inferno (w/ Alex Wright)


Rating: *

Summary: We get it…the Wolfpack is OVER. You don’t have to bury midcarders to prove it.

According to Schiavone, Antoine Carr of the Utah Jazz is shown in the front row wearing a Wolfpack t-shirt.

Match 6: Giant versus Kevin Greene


Rating: **

Summary: Decent celebrity match with great agility by Greene; however, Giant manhandled him. This would be Greene's final match in WCW. RIP Kevin Greene.

We return to the wcwwrestling.com desk backstage, and Marshall interviews Hennig who has a strategy to dethrone Goldberg.

Thereafter, we revisit last week’s Nitro when Jericho interrupted Malenko’s match against Booker T. Due to Jericho’s distraction, Malenko lost. Later in the show, Dillon advised “no physical contact prior to (the PPV),” but Jericho antagonized Malenko to the extent that Malenko LOST HIS DAMN MIND. Following that, Malenko disturbed Jericho’s title defense against Ultimo Dragon and was arrested. Dillon immediately suspended Malenko, so who will challenge Jericho tonight?

Match 7 for the WCW Cruiserweight title (no-DQ): “Lionheart” Chris Jericho versus ????


Rating: ***

Summary: Great return match for Mysterio. He dethrones Jericho who beat him back at Souled Out in January.

Afterward, Malenko chases after Jericho. Upon getting backstage, Jericho’s stopped by Arn Anderson. Malenko catches up to Jericho and rams him face-first into the production truck. Four Horsemen reorganization, perhaps?

Missing is a promo for Road Wild which will be LIVE on PPV on August 8. It’s probably missing due to Travis Tritt’s involvement. Order NOW!

Match 8 for the WCW World TV title: Booker T (champion) versus Bret “Hitman” Hart


Rating: **½

Summary: Due to the knee, Booker T’s quickness and agility were limited.

After the match, Bret SMACKS Booker T with the chair again, tosses him back into the ring, and wipes out Booker T’s right knee with it. To add insult to injury, Bret applies a ring post figure-four leg lock. Finally, Stevie Ray slowly approaches ringside, so Bret releases the hold without incident. Hmmm… Disappointed, Stevie Ray dismisses any medical attention, but the WCW trainer assists him backstage anyway.

We revisit last week’s Nitro when Hogan set up a roadblock for Goldberg—Scott Hall. As Goldberg dismantled Hall, he set his sights on Hogan. Goldberg took the challenge and defeated Hogan to become World champion. Truly one of WCW’s greatest moments.

Match 9 for the WCW World title: Goldberg (champion) versus Curt Hennig


Rating: **

Summary: Using his own style, Hennig carries Goldberg longer than a squash but not much more. The popular yet inexperienced champion rolls on to 112-0. This match marks the closest Hennig would come to the WCW World title. Poor Curt.

Promo airs for the main event.

Match 10: “Hollywood” Hogan & the “Worm” Dennis Rodman (w/ the Disciple) versus Diamond Dallas Page & the “Mailman” Karl Malone


Rating: **

Summary: Celebrity match aside, there was a lot of smoke and mirrors to reach that finish. Malone’s athleticism impressed me while Rodman’s strength lays within his conniving bad boy soul.

Following the match, Malone decimates the Disciple with a Diamond Cutter. Frustrated in defeat, Malone decks Robinson with a Diamond Cutter. Well, he profits well from this match, so a portion dedicated to a fine won’t hurt him. nWo Hollywood emerges to congratulate the Hollywood duo to end the show.

Conclusion: If you’re an NBA fan, you owe it to yourself to see the main event. If you’re a fan of Kevin Greene from his playing days, seeing his confrontation with Giant is something to behold. Mysterio’s championship victory along with Jericho’s character stands out as well. Otherwise, this show is a mess at the free throw line.

Buyrate: 1.5

Stay tuned for WCW Monday Nitro 07-13-98!

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