WCW Bash at the Beach ’97

Live from Daytona Beach, FL

Airdate: July 13, 1991

Attendance: 7,851 (6,354 paid)

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Can Rodman inch his way toward victory with Hogan in the main event? Will the Steiners earn yet another chance at tag team gold? Who will be forced to retire? Who is DDP's mystery partner? So many questions, let's find out the answers!

Match 1: Glacier & Ernest Miller versus Wrath & Mortis (w/ James Vandenberg)


Rating: ***

Summary: Much better than I anticipated with good teamwork on both sides. The match told a good story too as the heels cheated to win. Glacier is no longer undefeated.

Backstage, DDP participates in an interview for wcwwrestling.com yet reveals no secrets.

Match 2 for the WCW Cruiserweight title: Chris Jericho (champion) versus Ultimo Dragon


Rating: ****

Summary: If the Daytona faithful had given a damn, and the match had contained some dramatic near falls, this would have been perfect. As it is, it's still great and worth seeking out.

After the match, Jericho and Dragon shake hands.

At the entrance, "Mean" Gene Okerlund shills the hotline and interviews Raven who is sitting in the front row. Stevie Richards sits next to him. Finally, Raven speaks but in prose and doesn't answer the question about being DDP's mystery partner. When Richards brings up the topic of "announcement tomorrow night," Raven slugs him.

Match 3: Steiners versus the Great Muta & Masahiro Chono


Rating: ****

Summary: Awesome match as each wrestler got to showcase himself well. The only question is when the Steiners will get their title shot.

Partido 4: La Parka, Psicosis, y Villano IV (w/ Sonny Onoo) contra Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza, y Lizmark, Jr.


Rating: ***1/2

Summary: Tremendous irony that Villano V took the fall despite working only the last minute of the match. While spot-rific, the match was incredibly entertaining as all six wrestlers defied gravity and made it look extremely good.

Match 5 (career): The “Crippler” Chris Benoit versus Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jacqueline & Jimmy Hart)


Rating: ***

Summary: Putting Sullivan full-time behind the scenes was the mission behind this match. Thank goodness! Benoit can finally move on to better opponents. Keep in mind that Sullivan lost his retirement match IN HIS HOMETOWN. That becomes important later in 1997.

After the match, Hart screams at Sullivan and gets pushed down to the mat. He then yells that Sullivan "let (the Dungeon of Doom) down."

Match 6 for the WCW US title: Jeff Jarrett (champion) versus Steve “Mongo” McMichael (w/ Queen Debra)


Rating: *1/2

Summary: Is it me or does Jarrett not care about working with Mongo? While he used his charisma to keep the Daytona faithful involved, he did nothing wrestling-wise.

After the match, Debra and Jarrett share a hug. WE HAVE A HEEL TURN!

At the entrance, Okerlund shills the hotline again and hypes next month's PPV.

Speaking of which, Road Wild '97 will be LIVE on PPV on August 9. ORDER NOW!

We then get a pre-recorded black-and-white nWo interview with Hogan and Rodman. While he wears a beach hat and nWo t-shirt, Rodman also wears nail polish.

Match 7: “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Scott Hall (w/ Elizabeth) versus Diamond Dallas Page & ???? (w/ Kimberly)


Rating: **

Summary: More storyline than match as the Hennig soap opera continues. Where do his allegiances lie? Stay tuned!

After the match, Kimberly assists DDP back to the locker room.

Match 8: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair versus “Rowdy” Roddy Piper


Rating: **

Summary: Flair trying to wrestle Piper is like Benoit trying to wrestle Sullivan. It's just not going to work. While each wrestler used charisma and their tried-but-true tactics to delight the Daytona faithful, they didn't provide a worthwhile wrestling match.

Match 9: WCW World champion “Hollywood” Hogan & the "Worm" Dennis Rodman (w/ "Macho Man" Randy Savage) versus the “Total Package” Lex Luger & Giant


Rating: **

Summary: Rodman's wrestling "skills" were immensely better than anticipated. Sending the fans home happy with Luger making Hogan submit was a great finish business-wise.

After the match, Luger puts Rodman in the Torture Rack until Savage comes in. Luger then places Savage in the Torture Rack to end the show.

Conclusion: Since WCW believed a more casual audience would tune in for Rodman, the wrestling took a back seat to storylines and charisma-based storytelling. On the other hand, the Jericho/Steiners/lucha matches were between really good to stellar. Hence, I advise checking this show out but be forewarned that the actual wrestling takes a hiatus in the second stanza.

Buyrate: 0.89

Stay tuned for WCW Monday Nitro 7-14-97!

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