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AWA Championship Wrestling 10-12-86

Taped from Las Vegas, NV

Airdate: October 12, 1986

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Larry Nelson, Rod Trongard, & Lord James Blears

Can Hennig shut Zbyszko up or will King Spudhead prevail? And how does Zbyszko fair up against a Wisconsin attorney? Also, the Midnight Rockers are here, so gather your friends together for this one.

Opening montage.

Match 1: “Big” Scott Hall versus Tom “Rocky” Stone


Rating: *

Summary: Showcase match for Hall whom the Vegas faithful fawned over.

After the match, Nelson interviews Hall who’s ready to demolish his foes in battle royals across the country.

Match 2: George Gordienko & Alexis Smirnoff versus Mike Richards & Frankie DeFalco


Rating: **

Summary: Showcase match for the Soviets. I understand using “Soviet” wrestlers to rile up the crowd, but these guys were no spring chickens in 1986. Instead, they’re Canadian, but their goose was cooked.

Match 3: The Midnight Rockers versus Dennis Stamp & Tony Leone


Rating: **½

Summary: Showcase match for the Rockers who blew the roof off the Showboat thanks to the extremely vocal Vegas faithful.

In the ring, Nelson interviews the Midnight Rockers. Jannetty wants a crack, er, shot at Rose and Somers, and Michaels believes they’re the best and wants Rose and Somers’ “ass(es).” Oops, can’t say that on ESPN, Michaels.

IN THIS CORNER: From Stevens Point, WI, Larry Zbyszko consults attorney Jim Lonsdorf from Wausau, WI about the AWA’s handing Bockwinkel the World title. Lonsdorf believes that Zbyszko isn’t ranked high enough to earn a title shot. I’m surprised he doesn’t represent Rittenhouse since he knows how to deal with people shooting things off.

Match 4: Larry Zbyszko (w/ Mr. Go) versus Curt Hennig


Rating: **

Summary: Per Zbyszko’s contract, it took FOREVER for this match to get going, but Hennig’s energy fired up the Vegas faithful. The disdain for Zbyszko by the Vegas faithful was ALIVE.

Nelson interviews Hennig who implies that he wants a lumberjack match against Zbyszko. Also, he’s ready to win the battle royals to become the #1 contender for the World title.

Conclusion: While the heat for the main event was off the charts, the result leaves much to be desired. In the meantime, the Rockers looked sharper this week. Hall looked like the favorite to win an upcoming battle royal, but those “Soviets” need to be exchanged for younger models.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for Nick Bockwinkel versus Curt Hennig!

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